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Star Fox is a series of rail and scrolling shooter video games developed and published by Nintendo. Since the release of the first title in 1993, the video game franchise has garnered a large online following, particularly within the furry fandom. Set in a fictional solar system known as the Lylat system, the game mainly follows adventures of the titular protagonist as he engages in aerospace combats against the forces of Andross.


The first game in the series, simply titled Star Fox (known as Star Wing in Europe), was released on the SNES in 1993. The game was developed by Nintendo EAD, and was directed by Katsuya Eguchi. Within the game, the player takes control of FoxMcCloud, a Fox who, along with the rest of his team known as Star Fox, must defend his homeworld of Corneria from the forces of Andross. The game was set out as an on-rails shooter, in which the player navigates along a course using Fox's aircraft, known as an Arwing. A sequel, also created for the SNES, was cancelled after completion due to the upcoming development of the Nintendo 64. Many of the games elements later went into the creation of Star Fox 64, a 64 bit sequel of the original game released on July 1, 1997. Within the game, the player re-took control of Fox McCloud, as he travelled across the Lylat system in order to face of once again against Andross, as well as his henchmen and rival team Star Wolf.

A third game in the series, Star Fox Adventures, was released on the Nintendo Gamecube on September 23, 2002. The game was developed by Rare, taking aspects from their cancelled Nintendo 64 game Dinosaur Planet, and changing them to suit the Star Fox series. The game followed Fox McCloud, as he explores the crumbling planet Sauria, as well as tries to save the fox Krystal, who has been trapped in crystal until all the lost Krazoa Spirits are returned. Unlike previous games, Fox is mainly on foot throughout the game, only using his Arwing to access other planets, and using a staff belonging to Krystal in order to attack enemies. A fourth game, Star Fox Assault, developed by Namco, was also released for the Gamecube on October 25, 2004. Within the game, Fox and his team was tasked with saving the Lylat system from the Aparoid, insect-like creatures that are part-machine, part-life form. The game returned to the flying format used in previous games, but also featured tank and on-foot levels as well.

A fifth game in the series, Star Fox Command, was released for the Nintendo DS on August 28, 2006.. The game features the Star Fox team, as they attempt to save the Lylat system from the beings known as the Anglar. The game features a total of 14 different character, as well as several different endings based off the player's in game choices. A remake of Star Fox 64, titled simply Star Fox 64 3D, was also released on the Nintendo 3DS on September 9, 2011, featuring updated graphics and controls. As well as this, the series has also featured in a number of other Nintendo franchises, such as the micro-game series Wario Ware, and the Nintendo fighting series Super Smash Bros..

Online Presence

The Star Fox series has a significant online following, especially among the Furry fandom. The series has a significant presence on sites such as Tumblr[1], Reddit[2], 4chan's /v/ videogame board[3], Fanpop[4],[5] and DeviantART[6]. Sites such as the Star Fox wiki[7] and TV Tropes[8] holds information on the series. There is also a fansite named Star Fox Online[9], as well as a fan game named Shadows of Lylat[10]. The Star Fox Facebook page also has over 20,000 likes[11].

Notable sub-memes

Do a Barrel Roll

Do A Barrel Roll is a catchphrase used to call on someone to perform a 360 degree horizontal spin. The phrase is sometimes used to caption image macros where the subject appears to be in mid-rotation, or in animated GIFs where the subject is performing a full rotation.


Krystal Can't Enjoy Her Sandwich

Krystal Can’t Enjoy Her Sandwich is an avatar meme that became popular on the furry fandom website FurAffinity. The image depicteds Krystal eating a sandwich, and is often changed to feature characters from other fandoms.


I Can't Let You Do That Star Fox

I Can’t Let You Do That Star Fox is a line in StarFox 64 mentioned in the level “Fortuna” by antagonist Wolf O’Donnell, leader of the Star Wolf team. The line is often featured within Image Macros, and is changed in accordance with the scene depicted in the image.

Can't let you do that, Star Fox CANT LET YOUSWIM INTHATORANGE FOK

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Oh HERE WE GO AGAIN. Fandom asks for a starfox game, immediately hates it, now they're gonna complain and expect another game in the series even though they OBVIOUS HATE IT. I've seen it all before, and this is not different. Adventures, Assault, Command, same happened with them too. Now you know why Starfox 64 gets remade so much, IT'S THE ONLY ONE FANS LIKE.


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