The Truth About Sans / Sans Is Ness

The Truth About Sans / Sans Is Ness

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The Truth About Sans / Sans Is Ness refers to a video produced by The Game Theorists, where Matthew Patrick presents a theory that the 2015 indie role-playing game Undertale is connected to the 1995 Super Nintendo role-playing game Earthbound, focusing on the theory that Sans from Undertale is the same character as Ness from Eartbound. Shortly after the video was released, the theory got mocked and criticized online.


On February 9, 2016, MatPat uploaded "Game Theory: UNDERTALE – Sans's SECRET Identity!" to The Game Theorists' channel. Since then, the video has accumulated over 7.4 million views, and has a mostly positive reception on YouTube with 192,000 likes and 18,000 dislikes.


As a reaction to the video, Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, tweeted on his now-defunct @FwugRadiation account "Fan theories are fun but I feel embarrassed whenever someone calls attention to something I did when I was 16,"[1] which did not disprove the theory, but was more a response to MatPat's inclusion of Toby's Earthbound Halloween Hack in the video. As a reference to the theory, Soundclown SiIvaGunner, sometimes uses Undertale tunes in Earthbound rips, and vice versa. According to the SiIvaGunner Wiki page[2] for "Sans Is Ness," major criticism of MatPat's video points out that he jumped to far-fetched conclusions, had logical errors, and ignored all the evidence that didn't support the theory. On November 15th, 2016, SiIvaGunner fan-channel TimmyTurnersGrandDad uploaded a rip titled "I Believe I Can Fly – Space Jam". The remix replaced the words "I can fly" with MatPat's voice saying "Sans is Ness," and garnered over 12,000 views.

Parody Twitter account Game Theory Rejects,[3] which has over 26,000 followers as of July 2017, frequently makes reference to the theory, with each related tweet gaining an average of 200 likes (examples shown below).

dame Thbeony Rejects #HowToConfuseAMillennial Tell them Ness isn't Sans Followv @GameTheoryRejct

the TRUTH about SANS? Game Theory Rejects @GameTheoryRejot Follow Game Theory: Sans is NES? (Via @Okiwont) 5:42 PM-28 Dec 2016

Various Examples

ー 4) 9:1 9 / 5:15:17 Up Next Autoplay 6 the nutshack theme but instead of saying nutshack it's the entire sans is ness video The Nutshack theme but it keeps getting faster chopping boss 7,394 views Speedbump From Chinatown Subscribe 148 19,153 views 15:15 Fighting Ness has always been an absolute pain. imbecill buenos dias ess
Game Theory Rejects @GameTheoryRejct Follow STOP DOING THIS SHIT will nou watch your videos 9:56 AM-8 Jul 2017 125 Retweets 455 Likes 04 125 455 Game Theory Rejects Following GameTheoryRejct Game Theory: Did Hurricane Matthew COPY Undertale? (Via @NaGOATo) Stu Ostro/NASA Earth Science Office via Storyful SansK visits the the TRUTH about STOP POPE DOING THIS SANSP SHIT The Animals canDeath ASTER Broken Mind Must I... SAID Game Theory Exposing Metroids HIDDEN Threat (Super Metroid) Gasters identity Game Theory Can Chicken Nuggets SAVE YOUR LIFE Game Thhory: How Bendy EXPOSES Disney's Cartoon REVEALED (Undertale GASTER'S OanPeach Thisis NOT Faces Game of is a OKAY Pokemon: Friends or VICTIMS1 Game Theory Why Matio Kart 8 Game Theory The Many Sides of Marios Princess Peach is Really The SCIENCE of Pokemon W.D.Gaster EXPOSED a Powerful Ooddess Culture is Mario'S DEADLIEST Game! End LIE!nrigins Deal with theDEVIL! Game Theory Hello Neighbor's SATANIC Plot, TREN'S Game Thwory: Beyond Fidget Spinners-How to Create a ame Theory: PROVING Mass The TRAGIC Birth of BENDY! - Effects Indoctrination Theory!-Culture Shock CBendy and the in-

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