Tomi Lahren's "Dear Liberal Snowflakes" Picture

Tomi Lahren's "Dear Liberal Snowflakes" Picture

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Tomi Lahren's "Dear Liberal Snowflakes" Picture refers to an exploitable picture of conservative commentator Tomi Lahren addressing "liberal snowflakes" with several statements mocking stereotypes of liberals. After being tweeted by Turning Point USA, it was mocked online as people photoshopped the statements in the image.


On November 13th, 2017, Turning Point USA tweeted an image of Tomi Lahren with text that read "Dear liberal snowflakes: Nothing is free. Crying doesn't solve problems. Screaming doesn't make you right. Not everyone is a winner. There are no 'Safe Spaces.'"[1] Turning Point USA captioned the picture "Excellent Advice For Leftists!" The tweet gained 160 retweets and over 420 likes (shown below).

Tomi Lahren's Dear Liberal Snowflakes tweet that spawned off the meme, appealing to democrats that nothing is free, crying doesn't solve problems, screaming doesn't make your right, not everyone is a winner and that there are no safe spaces via Turning Point USA


Immediately after the tweet was posted, Twitter users quickly claimed it was hypocritical as conservatives had just spent the weekend prior smashing their Keurig machines because the product announced on Twitter that they would not be running ads on Hannity. Twitter user @TinzRules[2] made that point in an exploitable that gained over over 60 retweets and 420 likes (shown below, left). A tweet by @ironghazi[3] appeared to reference Turning Point USA's infamous Diaper Protest in a tweet that gained over 490 retweets and 2,600 likes (shown below, right).

Tweet sent out by TinzRules exploiting the graphic and with her counterpoints Tweet by @ironghazi referencing the Democrats diaper protest

Others pointed out various hypocrisies in the tweet by quote-tweeting it. For example, Twitter user @karengeier[4] pointed out several facts about Lahren that she herself was guilty of accusing "liberal snowflakes" of in the image, gaining over 360 retweets and 1,100 likes (shown below, left). Twitter user @Dinamico_7[5] also brought up the irony of such a graphic being used by people who supported the Keurig Boycott because "the company wouldn't support a right wing child molester & his Fox News defense team" (shown below, right). The jokes were covered by Uproxx[6] that day.

Tweet by@karengeier that Tomi herself is guilty of some of the examples she uses against so called snow flakes and cites several examples Twitter rant by @Dinamico_7 about Tomi's complaints that includes Keurig boycotts and other mainstream left wing ideals

Various Examples

Dear Liberals Snowflakes meme about sexualizing Looney Toons characters Dear Liberal Snowflakes meme in which all the text was erased except NOT EVERYONE IS A WINNER, implying that Tomi is a loser Dear Liberal Snowflakes rant changed to Dear Snowflakes and then espouses the merits of snow Brutal Tomi Lahren meme of Dear Liberal Snowflakes Tweet responding to Tomi Lahren's dear liberal snowflakes reminding her they spent a weekend destroying coffee makers on the weekend immature meme of Tomi Lahren's dear liberal snowflakes by zooming in close on her face and caption of when it is a shart

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Immortal Scientist ☭

I’m convinced TPUSA is an elaborate ruse to make sure no millennial ever becomes a conservative again because this level of cringe is just epic.


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