deep fried red tinted image EATS SPICY GOODNESS LIKE A VOID

Void Memes

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Void Memes are remix videos that often transform the subject of a video clip into a red-tinted interdimensional monster accompanied by eerie music or high-pitched audio. The glitch horror editing techniques employed in the videos bear many similarities to Internet screamers and Zalgo memes.


On May 7th, 2017, YouTuber • Grymice • uploaded a video titled "Kanye West Glitch Meme," in which rapper Kanye West is datamoshed mid-sentence before while high-pitched audio can be heard in the background and the screen turns red over a clip of a man yelling (shown below).

On July 26th, YouTuber Hibiki Kisaragi uploaded a video titled "hey apple. what? VOID," in which the Annoying Orange character transforms into a void monster (shown below).


On July 30th, 2018, YouTuber Peter Gorman uploaded a compilation of Void Memes (shown below, left). Over the next year, the video accumulated upwards of 57,000 views and 260 comments. On August 1st, a similar Void Memes compilation was uploaded by YouTuber OnlyRein (shown below, right).

On July 30th, 2018, the /r/void_memes[1] subreddit was launched as a community for submissions and discussions about the remix videos. On September 29th, Twitter user @bigfunny_ tweeted a video of a young women singing before transforming into a monster (shown below). Within one month, the tweet garnered more than 3,000 likes and 1,000 retweets.

On October 16th, the Lessons in Meme Culture YouTube channel uploaded a video about Void Memes, explaining the history behind the remix videos. On October 18th, Redditor bantanium submitted a post asking about the videos to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[2] to which Redditor SpaceCuntHentai- identified them as "Void Memes."

Void Comics

Void Comics refers to a subgenre of Void Memes which adds the horror element to Rage Comics, Wojak memes and other comic-type memes. Memes within the subgenre usually rely on a shocking element and subverting the viewer's expectations while preserving the light-hearted elements of the underlying format. The format can be considered a spiritual successor to Zalgo, borrowing some of its elements from it.

hmm today i will be consumed by the void U2 W1 V2 Hey guys did u saw the new popular meme "trollface"??? XD Here are all versions of it: please i dont want to remember it i dont know original epic >=D epic v2 >:) espaniol quadroepic 1dioht think weean trustat ick | HATE gopnik haha between living and dead ts a sin quadrbepic: enlighted version xd dont leave me mom thats wrong Coaveunde coAerenue Uh, hewwo. miay i... ob iGH PREGNANCY THREAT LEVEL wanpto taste :I ODNT KNOW WATS HAPPENING GYUS HELP ME OH S--- IS THIS THE OCTOHEDRON OF 7RU" byepic of 2nd parallel? my metamorphosis begins. АААНННННН ОН GOD PLEASE KILL the form they promised me is great but my transition shall be ME Our Father, who heaven hallowed be thy kingdo thy wil an earth as ah god my flesh. is. melting. agonizing MEAS THE le monkey face * horrific.otherwordly ASounds*.

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[2] Reddit – /r/OutOfTheLoop

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