Who Is She? (Vine)

Who Is She? (Vine)

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"Who Is She?" is the title of a popular Vine video by Chloe Woodard, known online as chloe lmao, which features her dancing, then turning around dramatically to the opening riff of Take On Me . The clip was subject to a high quantity of parodies and remixes.


Chloe Woodard posted the original Vine on July 2nd, 2015, and as of April 5th, 2016, it has acquired more than 90.5 million loops, 626,000 likes, and over 331,000 revines. In the clip, Woodard is wearing a tie-dye shirt and a large ponytail, and shimmying her shoulders to the beat of A-ha's "Take On Me." After a few moments, she turns dramatically, and you can see that she has a full set of braces, several pimples, and sunglasses that are too small.

In a Paper Magazine interview from September 2015, Woodard wrote about what caused her to film the original clip:

We were playing outside and messing around with the water balloons outside. My friend gave me the glasses and I was just playing around with them. I was like, "Wait this would be funny" and I had her film it for me. I was like, "Did you like this?" and she was like, "Yeah, well maybe you could put music to it." And I always put "Take on Me" by a-ha to my Vines. So I was like, "Alright I guess we'll put that one." And I don't know, I guess everyone liked it!


The clip was immediately popular. According to Woodard, it had more than 100,000 loops in 24 hours, and more than one million loops by July 4th. The clip crested in popularity five days after posting on July 6th and July 7th, when many other notable Viners like Jared Wonago and Matt Maraldo used the clip in parodies that also obtained millions of their own loops. The original gained over 60 million loops in just three months.

On February 5th, the most notable parody was recorded by Entertainment Weekly, who recorded a tribute to the vine featuring actor and Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum. This Vine received more than 24 million loops, and was written about in the magazine.

Jake Paul Feud

On June 4th, 2018, Jake Paul tweeted a video of himself nearly recreating the "Who Is She?" Vine in an effort to save Vine (shown below). The tweet gained over 15,000 likes.

Woodard tweeted in response asking Paul to never associate with her (shown below, left). The tweet gained over 76,000 retweets and 392,000 likes. Paul responded by recreating the Vine again, this time giving Woodard the middle finger (shown below, right).

chloe Follow @contrachloe Hey Jake! That's my vine! I would say "in the future, tag me!" but there is no future, stop using my content, and do not associate with me in any way thanks:) Jake Paul. @jakepaul Don't let vine die... 0:06 Jake Paul @jakepaul Follow Replying to @contrachloe 4.27M views 0:04/0:05 cQxK dk

Woordard responded again by mocking Paul's controversial moments (shown below). She also stated that she was swamped by Jake Paul's fans after engaging with him. The feud was covered by The Daily Dot.[5]

chloe @contrachloe Follow I would try to recreate one of your iconic moments as a response but unfortunately they're all disgraceful events in which you were publicly shamed. So thanks for the @ king! Jake Paul @jakepaul Replying to @contrachloe NLOGGER 0:05 10:23 PM-5 Jun 2018

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I am AHO Right?
I am AHO Right?

in reply to SirKeksalot

>16 year-old Chloe Woodard found internet fame last summer when her awkward dancing took Vine’s breath away. Almost a year later, the parodies are still coming in strong with this internet classic.
>Almost a year later,
>Year later,

Bruh, that’s longer than almost every other meme these days. Very few memes make it to a year. Remember that cool McDonald’s anime from two weeks ago? How about the History of Japan video? Those were really cool! But are they still going strong at all? Not really. Literally Me had tons of potential, yet I’ve seen barely anything of it recently. Most memes these days die out within a week or two, be they from Vine, Twitter, 4chan, Facebook, Tumblr, whatever! It’s the nature of memes in a very fast and connected environment. But this one has survived, so give it the credit it deserves, instead of being biased against it. I don’t even like Vine that much, but I’m kind of tired of the ridiculous and irrational hatred people have towards it.


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