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WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat

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Who Where? DONG DING WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat


WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat is an exploitable comic series using a page from a pornographic Indian webcomic, which is known for its Engrish dialogue.


The comic page originates from the Savita Bhabhi series of pornographic comics,[10] originally hosted on the Indian pornographic website[1] The comic was subsequently moved to the subscription-based site[2]. According to notes on Kirtu, the comic was last updated on March 29th, 2008. The exploitable itself originates from the first page of the first comic in the series, titled "Savita Bhabhi – Episode 1: Bra Salesman," in which a door-to-door bra salesman meets lead character Savita after ringing the door at a house (shown below).

Who's there? DING DONG WOW! What a HOT Bhabhi Who Where? DONG DING WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat

The version hosted by Kirtu (shown above, left) contains different speech bubble text than the version which circulated online (shown above, right). It is unknown if Kirtu fixed errors present in the original version, or if the texts were falsely edited by a reader afterwards.

Kirtu's Version Exploitable
Who's there? Who Where?
WOW! What a HOT Bhabhi WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat


Edited variations of the comic did not appear until May 2011, when several recreations appeared on Tumblr by users Screenburned,[3] Grapeyguts[4] and Thewickermanstarringnicolascage[5] (shown below, from left to right).

Who Where DONG DING WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat DONG DING Who Where? WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat ore meek, and in DONG DING Who Where? WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat

Since then, the comic has been recreated with characters from a variety of series. Additionally, the phrase "HOT a What Baabhabhiat" gained usage as an description of attractive characters and people. On October 4th, 2012, YouTuber sadshawty[7] uploaded the original comic with spoken text (shown below, left), which managed to gather over 19,000 views in the following three years. On May 9th, 2015, Tumblr user WilliamDewey[6] uploaded a version featuring the characters Pearl and Mayor Dewey from the animated children's show Steven Universe (shown below, right), which gained upwards of 8,000 notes in the following two months. Additional versions can be found on Tumblr through related tags.[8][9]

who Where? WOW! HOT a Whot Baabhabhiat

Various Examples

Who Where? DONG DING WOW! HOT q What abaa 10 HoT hat who wh3r3? DONG D1NG wow! H07 4 WH47 8AA8H48H147 Who Where? DONG DING WOW! HOT a What Baabhabhiat www.savitabhabhi.con

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RandomMan Moderator

I expected this meme to have originated from some porn comic, but I didn't expect the origin to be the first chapter of an entire series of porn comics which is still running and for which its 55th chapter will apparently launch tomorrow.

The internet never fails to disappoint.


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