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>[year] is a green text message typically used on 4chan as a sarcastic reminder of the present year to express disdain for a poster being out of the loop with current trends and contemporary values. The green text is often accompanied by the George Costanza reaction face and references to "Shiggy Diggy".


On January 1st, 2011, 4chan[1] user Σpsilon Nought used the green text ">2011" to reply to a comment about the disabled children in Katawa Shoujo on the /a/ (anime) board (shown below).


On the following day, an anonymous 4chan user used the greentext ">2011" in /a/[2] to mock those who still watch anime (shown below).

On September 27, 2011, YouTuber MrCalhoun_ uploaded a video titled "2011 – The Movie – An Implication Odyssey (Full Length)," which featured the ">2011" green text accompanied by an image of George Costanza with a Seinfeld-style remix of the theme song for Super Mario Bros. playing in the background(shown below).

On May 5th, 2012, MrCalhoun uploaded a video titled "2012 – Shiggy Diggy," with an edited image of George Costanza with another Seinfeld-style Super Mario remix and the green text ">2012 I seriously hope you guys don't do this" (shown below, left). On January 20th, 2013, MrCalhoun posted a video featuring the green text ">2013 I seriously hope you guys don't do this," (shown below, right).

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