Yourfavoritedaughter2 TikTok gym video "Leg Day Warm-Up" video.

Yourfavoritedaughter2 "Leg Day Warm-Up" TikTok

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The Yourfavoritedaughter2 "Leg Day Warm-Up" TikTok refers to a viral TikTok video posted by TikToker @yourfavoritedaughter2 in February 2024 in which she was doing a squat workout that prompted a guy at the gym to confront her and say, "You're actually what's wrong with girls," with many perceiving the exercise as sexually suggestive. The video was widely shared on Twitter / X as numerous users debated who was in the right and wrong in the scenario. Speculation also ensued over whether or not the video was a skit.


On February 18th, 2024, TikToker[1] @yourfavoritedaughter2 posted a video of her at the gym with text reading, "this is why 2024 is unsafe for women…" In the video, @yourfavoritedaughter2 is seen doing a sexually suggestive squat exercise. She's interrupted by a man who asks her, "Yo, what are you doing?" The man further confronts her by saying, "You're actually what's wrong with girls." Over two days, the video received roughly 4.1 million plays and 146,100 likes (shown below).


was he valid for this 😭

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Multiple top comments were left on the video, receiving thousands of likes each (shown below). Overall, the top comments debated whether or not she was doing "pulse squats" (an exercise in which you hold a deep squat position and slightly move up and down). Some said yes and others said no. For instance, one comment read, "It's the facial expressions. Pulse squats is one thing but adding facial expressions to make it look like something else is where she went wrong."

Mario Ochoa 100% valid, you was not stretching. 2d ago Reply View 354 replies V ~☆Wally☆~ after looking at pulse squats, those were not pulse squats. But why did he care so much? I would've just ignored it cuz with, not my business 14h ago Reply View 217 replies ✓ pinkdumdum for everyone saying "pUISe sQuAtS" THOSE AINT PULSE SQUATS 14h ago Reply View 83 replies ✓ Selena Cardona288 Its the facial expressions. Pulse squats is one thing but adding facial expressions to make it look like something else is where she went wrong. 14h ago Reply View 182 replies 28.4K 17.5K 14.6K 15.6K

Later on February 18th, 2024, X[2] user @chris2loose reposted the video, calling the man's action "Absolutely based," gaining over 220 likes in two days (shown below, left).

Also on February 18th, X[3] user @IncelsCo posted a similar repost calling the man "based," receiving over 10,000 likes in two days (shown below, right).

Chris 2loose @chris2loose Absolutely based this is fxcking ridiculous don't come to my gym to do this shyt YANL HELL BENT 7:31 PM. Feb 18, 2024 10.7K Views ww Tik Tok @yourfavoritedaughter2 : i Involuntary Celibate ( @IncelsCo Very based of him to call her out on it. 0:34 d Tik Tok From Chris 2loose yo what are you doing @yourfavoritedaughter2 1:23 AM. Feb 19, 2024 3M Views :

In the replies to both tweets, users questioned if the video was a staged skit, such as X[4] user @rackster78 who wrote, "It’s a skit," on February 19th, 2024, gaining over 650 likes in a day (shown below).

i Involuntary Celibate ( Very based of him to call her out on it. 0:29 From Chris 2loose 481 TOOLSTER @rackster78 It's a skit no don't give me that bullshyt i know u know what you're doing 1927 @IncelsCo Feb 19 1:31 AM. Feb 19, 2024 250.5K Views 10K Tik Tok @yourfavoritedaughter2 ₁3M : 口企 :

Various Examples

Sir George Temperley @t3mp3rl3y Ya saben lo que hay que hacer con estas mujeres que van al gym a producir su pornografía. Translated from Spanish by Google You already know what to do with these women who go to the gym to produce their p----------. 0:32 From Chris 2loose yo what are you doing 11:10 AM. Feb 19, 2024 869.7K Views Tik Tok @yourfavoritedaughter2 : Richard Hanania @Richard Hanania 0:34 The tradcels have broken out of the internet and are now out in the wild. And at least some of them have apparently lost their fear of women. Be prepared. Tik Tok From Chris 2loose yo what are you doing @yourfavoritedaughter2 Subscribe 4:52 PM Feb 19, 2024 159.6K Views @YRPesquera Estoy llorando con este basado mandando a paseo a la cerda está del Only Fans. Emirates Peski Translated from Spanish by Google I'm crying because I'm sending the Only Fans pig away. 0:32 From Chris 2loose yo what are you doing 1:47 PM. Feb 19, 2024 185.7K Views Tik Tok @yourfavoritedaughter2 :

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Moby The Duck
Moby The Duck

>TikTok whore acts like a whore in public space for TikTok views
>Gets called out
>Surprised Pikachu face

We already know everything that spawns from TikTok is garbage, why even document stuff like that?
Shit, we get about 10 TikTok "trends" every day and they are always the same short lived garbage.

Geigh Science
Geigh Science

in reply to Moby The Duck

not to mention how easily this "confrontation" could be faked for clout. a quick trip to r/twoxchromasomes will display a whole list of tOtAlLyReAl stories of girls being harassed just for being themselves by Snidley Whiplash level cardboard cutouts of misogynistic assholes. And often ending with the girls totally oneshotting the villains with Ben Shapiro level retorts that make everyone in the whole gym and even out in the food court erupt into applause as the mens pants fall down and they double over trying to hide the shame of their tiny dick.

point being this sort of thing is very easily and often made up. which makes the whole discourse that much more stupid and a waste of everyones time.


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