Dean from Supernatural in a cowboy hat and caption that reads You've yee'd your last haw

You've Yeed Your Last Haw

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You've Yeed Your Last Haw is a slang expression based on the cowboy-associated interjection "yee-haw". Originating from a viral tweet and a development of Sad Cowboy Emoji memes, the expression was later combined with an image of Supernatural character Dean Winchester and circulated as an image macro.


In Autumn 2017 the interjection "yee-haw" or "yeehaw", originally popularized by the Western film genre, became connected with the Sad Cowboy Emoji trend. On October 20th, 2017, Twitter[1] user @pienar posted "they always say yee haw they never ask haw yee". The tweet gained over 97,500 retweets and 252,000 likes in 14 months.

they always say yee haw they never ask haw yee mikayla @lettucechair how it REALLy f----- b sometimes 7:00 PM - 20 Oct 2017

On September 10th, 2018, Tumblr [10] user link-is-a-twink posted "You’ve yeed your last haw." The post received more than 150,000 notes in about six months (shown below).

link-is-a-twink Follow You've yeed your last haw #meme #text post


On September 15th, 2018, Twitter[2] user @sadgirlkms tweeted "u have yeed ur last haw". The tweet gained over 27,500 retweets and 72,300 likes in five months.

common sad girl @sadgirlkms u have yeed ur last haw 1:02 PM- 15 Sep 2018

On October 20th, 2018, Twitter[9] user @incorrectspn paired the expression with a still image of character Dean Winchester taken from Frontierland episode of the Supernatural television series.[3] The tweet gained over 900 retweets and 2000 likes in five months.

You've yee'd your last haw

In the following days, the tweet was reposted on several subreddits, with posts on /r/dankmemes[4] and /r/reddeadredemption[5] gaining over 2,500 upvotes and 4,400 upvotes in three months, respectively.

In December 2018, more posts utilizing the macro appeared on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit (examples shown below).

Carol and the AVengers When they find Thanos living it up on his little farm #AvengersEndame #a4 You've yee'd your last haw High king Torygg: *Exists* Ulfric Stormcloack: OCYRODIULIC BRANDY You've yee'd your last haw

On January 3rd, 2019, YouTube[6] user Stale Baguette posted a video of a boy saying the phrase and shooting the camera with a NERF gun (shown below, left). The video gained 76,700 views in seven weeks, with a post to /r/youtubehaiku subreddit gaining over 4,400 upvotes.[7] On January 13th, 2019, YouTube[8] user i-win posted an edit of the video which gained over 491,000 views in six weeks (shown below, right).

Various Examples

When an anti-vax kid turns 3 You've yee'd your last haw. MRW when someone scrolls past without saying howdy You've yee'd your last haw. Arthur Morgan: *Breathes* Everyone in Van Horn: You've yee'd your last haw. ade with mematic
"literally just being alive* Micah: You've yee'd your last haw You've yee'd your last haw. Me evervtime I meet another Erron Black main online You've yee'd your last haw.

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You, a plebian who uses twitter for anything other than sweepstakes entries: "You've yeed your last haw"
Me, a man of culture who does not associate with twitter unless it is to gain entries in a sweepstakes: "You've erned yer last hern"


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