Beloved Meme Dog 'Cheems' Passes Away At 12 Years Of Age

August 19th, 2023 - 11:55 AM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Cheems meme image left and balltze the dog right.

One of the internet's most famous dogs, the Shiba Inu known affectionately online as "Cheems," has passed away due to complications resulting of thoracentesis, as confirmed by their official Instagram account on Saturday.

The dog, officially known as Balltze but nick-named Ball Ball, was an inspiration and source of joy to many and went to sleep for the final time during surgery on Friday.

cheems cheems

As is usual in these circumstances, people around the web have mourned the loss of one of their favorite doges by posting their favorite memes, tributes and other condolences. This includes any variations of the main image or any of the spin-offs such as Dorime Cheems, Bonk Cheems and even Swole Doge vs. Cheems.

Cheems follows the death of Uncle Murphy, a fellow Shiba Inu named Moja with meme fame, who died on May 8th earlier this year.


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