Kanye West And Pete Davidson's Texts Have Been Unveiled Showing 'Skete' Telling Ye He's In Bed With His Wife

March 14th, 2022 - 9:48 AM EDT by Owen Carry

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Kanye West and Pete Davidson's Texts, In Bed With Your Wife Selfie.

The ongoing feud between rapper Kanye West and comedian Pete Davidson escalated yesterday when screenshots of the two's text conversation were leaked on Instagram by an SNL writer and friend of Pete's, Dave Sirus.

In subsequent iMessages, Davidson told Ye he was in bed with his wife, sending a flash selfie of himself shirtless in the covers. He also harked on how great of a mother Kim Kardashian is and how Kanye was doing damage to his family and his children. He told Kanye he needed to work on his mental issues later in the conversation and offered a helping hand, but, it was obviously too late. Pete's tone continued to flip-flop throughout the conversation while Ye, on the other hand, just kept telling him to come to Sunday Sevice.

Although the screenshots were originally posted to Instagram by Dave Sirus, they were quickly deleted once they blew up. Sirus immediately made his profile private but it was too late. Internet drama news outlets like RapTV were already on the case, reposting it en masse for the public to witness.

As far as public, celebrity beef goes, this drama is one of the more public and complicated. Ranging from general discourse over sickly, skinny white guys and big dick energy, Davidson's career has been beset by his history of dating up.

However, with this latest development, some internet users who were on his side previously are changing their allegiance. But it's not as simple as that. Davidson's word choice and timing of his apologies versus insults make it hard to place who is in the right. No doubt Kanye has made this more public than Davidson has, but to some, the selfie in bed with Kim read as a little disrespectful. Overall, both men continue to stir up heated debates for being "disrespectful" or "emotional" as people pick sides of the argument online. Regardless, the screenshots are proving to be a viral discussion fueling memes.

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