A Korean Twitch Streamer Was Harassed While Livestreaming In Hong Kong, And The Internet Has Purportedly Found The Offender

September 12th, 2023 - 12:38 PM EDT by Sakshi Rakshale

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A scene from Korean streamer may5w stream in which she was harassed by an Indian man in Hong Kong.

Korean Twitch streamer May5w was livestreaming herself walking near Central Station in Hong Kong when she was grabbed and harassed by a mustachioed man (reportedly of Indian origin) for over 60 seconds on Sunday night. She was only able to extract herself from his grip after entering the subway station and encountering more people.

Hong Kong police reportedly apprehended a 46-year-old man after finding clothing and shoes that matched the offender's description on Tuesday, September 12th, possibly with the help of some internet sleuths.

On Monday, a clip from Twitch streamer May5w was shared to X by the X handle @commentcopped, whose upload was deleted after it gathered over 16 million views in a day. The viral video was also shared by @DramaAlert.

The video shows May5w being approached by a man who follows her and places his hands on her as she walks towards the Central subway station in Hong Kong. The man can be seen repeatedly pestering her and grabbing her before she manages to extract herself from his grip.

A September 11th post on X by user @Slatizm showed the possible identity of the man a day before he was apprehended by Hong Kong police. The post also showed information linking the man to a place of employment at a local Indian restaurant in the region called Rajasthan Rifles, which quickly attempted to distance itself from the man by putting out a Facebook response on the matter.

May5w livestreamed herself from her hotel room after traveling to Macau a day after the incident. She showed her bruises and talked about her experience, saying that while she was shaken, the incident would not affect her decision to return to Hong Kong on Wednesday.

As the controversial story continued to spread online over the last 24 hours, Hong Kong police have stated that the man suspected of molesting the streamer has since been arrested and was picked up on Belcher’s Street in Kennedy Town around 11 a.m. local time today.

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