Now-retired Tom Brady Finds New Way To Ruin Football Fans' Timelines With Unprompted Thirst Trap

February 6th, 2023 - 1:08 PM EST by Adam Downer

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tom brady shirtless divorced unemployed.

Tom Brady, 45 years old, recently retired and divorced, has apparently ruined many peoples' day by engaging in a favorite pastime of 45-year-old unemployed divorcees: posting thirst traps on social media.

Brady's shirtless, underwear-clad selfie comes after some playful bickering between himself and his clothing brand Brady. In 2022, Tom Brady said he would recreate some underwear model shots if his tweet got 40,000 likes. The tweet got 48,000 likes.

For seven months, Brady didn't deliver, perhaps distracted by divorcing his supermodel wife so he could go 8-9 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, the Brady brand fired back this morning that it "hadn't forgotten" about Tom's promise, so, free from distractions, Tom fulfilled his end of the bargain.

It seems from the slew of reactions that a Tom Brady thirst trap was not what many expected nor wanted to see when they opened up their blue bird app this morning, and that the content of said thirst trap seemed to offer insight into Brady's current state of mind.

Others felt Brady's selfie bore many, likely unintentional similarities to those posted by newly out gay men.

Unfortunately for Tom Brady haters, just because the legendary quarterback is now retired, it apparently doesn't mean they can just forget about him, because if this week is any indication, Brady will go to great lengths to make sure he's top of mind for football fans for years to come.

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