'Pokémon' Fans Jokingly Slam Company For Refusing To Make Canonically-sized Wailord Plush

February 17th, 2023 - 2:52 PM EST by Adam Downer

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The Pokémon Company has continued its trend of inaccurately depicting the gargantuan absolute unit Wailord by releasing a Wailord plush toy that is only one-tenth of the Pokémon's canonical size.

Granted, a Wailord at a tenth of its canonical size is still bigger than most children under 10 years old, but for many Pokémon fans, it's still a slight to the principle of the matter.

Wailord has long been the center of humorous controversy in the Pokémon universe due to its in-game appearance in most of the games. Canonically, the Pokémon is supposed to be 47 feet long, nearly the size of a standard 18-wheeler (we checked). Naturally, rendering a Pokémon battle between a Pokémon that size and, say, a 4-inch tall Cutiefly has forced Game Freak to significantly tone down Wailord's in-game appearance, and Pokémon fans have been clamoring for the gargantuan, behemoth whale they've been promised for years.

When The Pokémon Company announced the release of a Wailord plush, which will only be slightly larger than a much-memed Mareep plush, fans rushed to (jokingly) call the company "cowards" for not making an accurate plush that couldn't be reasonably placed anywhere in an average home.

Of course, there are many who are very excited by the prospect of hanging out with a reasonably sized Wailord, thanks in no small part to The Pokémon Company's photoshoot depicting life with a Wailord.

Getting a Wailord will cost a hefty chunk of change, as the plush has a whale of a price tag — $420.

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im almost convinced that all the jumbo pokemon plushes should get a page of their own because they're all ridiculous and fantastic. I think they did a jumbo spheal very recently and so many of the customer reviews are simply "ROUND BOI!!!" or some variation of that, lol.


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