Pregnant Abigail Shapiro Photos Broke The Internet Even Though They Were Photoshopped

February 16th, 2022 - 10:56 AM EST by Owen Carry

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Pregnant Abigail Shapiro With Big Boobs

Abigail Shapiro, the younger sister of political commentator Ben Shapiro, has been the subject of memes and general hornyposting both ironically and unironically almost as long as her brother's been in the public eye.

This week, Abigail posted multiple photos to her Instagram taken at her baby shower. In a viral fashion, they quickly circulated platforms. For the most part, users were generally infatuated with her looks and figure. More bluntly, meme creators were posting about her breasts.

The photos were shared on Twitter within the following days. One tweet, in particular, posted on Monday, started the exploitation of the imagery. Tweeted by Twitter user @shirtdotsexy, Shapiro's photos were captioned with slang overload, alluding in a chaotic way to her features.

The attention led to a tweetstorm that populated Twitter going into today. Users across platforms began sharing the photos, shocked and stunned but also … "infatuated." Although ironic in sentiment, the attention nonetheless objectified Shapiro as more and more meme creators got a bonk.

In fact, even Ben Shapiro chimed in with a comment on her looks when it was revealed in a screenshot that he tweeted the photos of his sister with the caption, "Look how beautiful my sister looks. I've literally been staring at these photos for hours." Some were a bit taken aback by his sentiment, however, the tweet turned out to be faked, photoshopped by a Redditor on /r/196, whose meme was successful enough to fool many who thought it was real.

In fact, it was revealed two days later that even @shirtdotsexy's tweet had been photoshopped to enlarge Shapiro's chest for shock value. It worked, however, and Abigail Shapiro trended once again online today.

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Adam Staff

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