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1758 Views Created 4 years ago By Sophie • Updated 3 years ago

Created By Sophie • Updated 3 years ago

Internet WTHA FOREWORD BY DAVE EGGERS David Foster Wallace Sapiosexual Starterpack XWIX Extraordinary. an astenishing and vast epic of cOntemeorare I didn't mean to ignore your toxts or to mako you believe I was interested, but unavailable. I'm very confused, but I know I can't be in a relationship "I'm interested in an individual's mind as apposed to the more common superficialites" with someone less cultured than I am. I really thought you were more worldly, but I think it was an honest mistake. >Exclusively chases slim white or asian girls from middle class backgrounds who are no less than 4 years younger than him Send okcupid blond fBLIND FOREST DEFINITVE EOITION 718258720 7 Reasons To Eat "Wealth inequality is one of my greater concerns" Halegn "Ah you went to Choate?" Infinite Jest
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