Tumblr - Scrimbly Bimbly and the blatant streamer/youtuber bait FNAF ripoff game

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There are precisely two (2) indie horror games:
- Every planet and every star is gone. What's left of the human race is scavenging for resources. You have been locked inside a submarine deep in a sea of blood, and something is trying to get in.
- UH OH! You've been locked inside a Chuck E Cheese reference! Better run before SCRIMBLY DIMBLY blorbs you!
And the second is the one that gets all the attention.

Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

It's gotten to where TheMeatly, one of the people who helped start the "mascot horror" genre (he was the creator of Bendy and the Ink Machine) is now even making fun of the current state of the genre with a purposely crappy free game he made which features himself as the monster.

It's possible that the backlash to things like Garten of Banban in particular might cause "mascot horror" to take a hiatus in the indie scene for a bit. Thankfully we're now seeing a revival of old school survival horror thanks to the success of games like Signalis and even Capcom going back to their roots with the RE games from RE7 and onward.


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