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What is your favorite meme and why?

Last posted Apr 12, 2012 at 05:27PM EDT. Added Mar 25, 2012 at 06:45PM EDT
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Hi there – I am doing some research on internet memes for university and I would really appreciate if you guys could tell me what is your favorite internet meme and why. Please pick an example and elaborate what it is that makes you like this meme. You can also pick a remix of this meme that you particularly like and describe why you picked it. Thanks a lot in advance :)

Going by the title, I thought this was going to be another stupid thread and I was going to have to be a snarky asshole again, but then I read the post and realized it wasn’t stupid and now I have nothing to say and I feel bad.

I don’t know exactly. I’ve sifted through a lot of forced and unfunny stuff before I narrowed it down to what I like.

Although I can give you a small list, if that’ll work.

Let’s see here…

• Pingas – One of the first memes I came across, I like it because of the ways it’s used, usually in YTPs and YTPMVs. Plus, it originated from Sonic, so I gave it a thumbs up.

• Going to the Store – This left me speechless with laughter. And being remixed heavily so many times (Nigel goes to the Store, Going to the Store with Guile’s Theme) ensured the lulz would continue.

• That Really Rustled My Jimmies – Just the sound of it is hilarious, not to mention its usage.

• Majora’s Mask Creepypasta / Haunted Majora’s Mask Cartridge / BEN DROWNED – Majora’s Mask was my favorite Legend of Zelda game ever, and this one really stuck with me. Even now, I never play it the same way again.

Hope this helps in some way.

And if you need me to narrow it down to one, I guess it’d have to be Going to the Store.

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If you include subcultures:

My Little Pony: The show itself is well-written, and contains better story, character development, and humor than nearly any other show I have seen. Furthermore, the show is also fairly cute, which the side of me that lacks testosterone can enjoy. Then there’s the fandom, which has shown to be united, generally kind, accepting, and very friendly. There are still bad apples that give the whole community a bad name, but that’s true to any fandom. Finally, we have the creators themselves. The writers, animators, producers, actors, etc. have all shown that they care about the show and it’s audience, both brony and otherwise, and have added many Easter Eggs for the bronies to dig up. Furthermore, they all put a lot of good effort into their respective roles, that come together for an amazing show.

If you don’t include subcultures:

60s Spiderman: I find it hilarious how the internet can take a few shots from a children’s cartoon and take them out of context, for a large comedic effect. I’ve fought storms of laughter off while visiting the page and image gallery, partially because I would occasionally watch the show when I was young, and the image macros are a stark contrast to the actual material. It’s even funnier when you realize how ridiculous the show was, when looking at the images.

Frogout is best meme.

Check it.

Anyway, I like it because not only is it a way for people to express a desire for others who are not welcome to get out (not doing that here) but it has generated a ton of great photoshops.

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First of all: Me

Others include:

60’s Spiderman: Generated some of the most hilarious derails in this forum

Nyan Cat: I used to share the dubstep remixes of Nyan Cat with people just to see their reaction. NYAN is also fun to spam on people’s Facebook walls

And the most obvious one: MLP

There are more that I have really liked but I cannot name them off the top of my head.

>Not picking Turtwig

Anyways, my favorite meme is Walk the Dinosaur. Not only is it abrupt and random, but I also love dinosaurs.

Also, I don’t think it’s possible to change the title.

I’d have to say my favorite is ‘60s Spiderman. When I first browsed the image gallery for this meme, I laughed more than I ever had at any meme. Ever. Now, most of the memes are still just as funny, but I’ve noticed that people are starting to mix it with MLP more than ever. I don’t want to start an argument here, but it seems to be a bit excessive.

I also like the “Pokeparents” memes. There’s a lot of gems in there…even if some of them (coughninetalescough) are kinda creepy.


jubru wrote:

I see your point… bad title choice…. hmmm…. how do I change that?

I could change it for you if you have a specific title you’d prefer. I think the current title is fine, but I suppose you could make it more informative.

Oh, and I’ll think about your question.

Thanks a lot guys!

About the title: maybe “What is your favorite meme and why?” would be better, since it is the question I really want to ask.

Why haven’t I done that in the first place??? no idea….

cheers :)

Weegee: I find Weegee hilarious and extraordinary. A strange version of the video game Italian plumber Luigi that has a deadly stare just shows you how stupid the Internet can be. My favourite meme.

YouTube Poop: The mix-up mash-up videos are so hilarious. Especially when it features classic YTP bases like Hotel Mario, Zelda CD-i. AoStH, the Super Mario World cartoon, Team Fortress 2, Spongebob Squarepants and Dr. Rabbit’s World Tour.

That Really Rustled My Jimmies: Gorillas + Rustling + Jimmies = One Of The Best Memes Ever

Rage Comics: Best web comics ever. Each of these comics have elements that make you laugh or at least chuckle. It’s funny because it’s true.


This is why.

But in depth? My reasons are fairly simple. It makes me laugh. One of the few memes that can get an actual out loud laugh from me. And it’s timeless! This is a pretty old meme by now, and it still works. It’s just that face. It always works. It’s such a simple set up for a joke (although more complicated versions exist AND THEY’re GLORIOUS) and yet it works.

I love it.
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Let me start with, of course, Derpy Hooves.

She’s the character from MLP that I relate to the most. In a way, she’s me personified into a pony. Similar personalities (bubbly, happy personality, can be clumsy and cause damage when we mean well) and also that Derp is my favorite word ever.

Next is the Willy Wonka meme:

When I’m not having Derped up moments, I am usually a voice of logic and reason. So when someone posts/says something stupid, I always counteract with some trolling. Like when someone gets mad at me for not liking “Hunger Games” I reply, “Tell me how that affects you personally.”

Next is Dubstep:

I have always been a fan of music. No matter what genre, I can point out a song I like in said genre. However, what makes me like dubstep is that it will either be really good, or really bad, there is no middle ground. And when dubstep sounds good, it is good.

And finally, there’s 60’s Spiderman:

I’m pretty sure this one is self-explanatory. So many ridiculous moments it’s hilarious.

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Youtube Poop

Classic, and to me really brings out the intelligence and creativity of the internet from around 2006-08

It isn’t particularly my favourite meme, it just has a special place with me because I see it as one of the first fads (memes) I came across…

Otherwise, I have no favourites, I’m the Quantum Meme, and I stand my ground to reminisce with all the classic memes of the past decade.

I’m eclectic with memes, that’s all I’m gonna say.

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Okay, my answer: Even though we list it as a subculture, I think Katawa Shoujo is a meme in itself, and I’m going to have to call it my favorite. Not for the funny, which there is a fair amount thereof; not for the cute girls, although it’s certainly a plus. The reason I consider KS to be my favorite meme is the way that it seems to have touched people in a deep and meaningful way. It’s not often that you see even more conventional art forms such as movies and books that evoke such a reaction from people, but this time, it was a game.
[photo:243858] [photo:242840] [photo:231642] [photo:232012] [photo:256605] [photo:230641]

Although normally, I go for the sorts of things that give me good laughs, so choosing more standard sorts of memes, I’d say I like Dysfunctional Family Circus, Successful Negro, Animutations, and (also because I’m a big fan of self-reference and/or paradoxes) Milhouse is not a meme. What makes these funny? DFC takes something pure and sweet, and twists it into something evil, while S.N. takes negative racial stereotypes and flips them over to create humor (very similar to Ordinary Muslim Man, another gem). Animutations are just all-out silliness, and Milhouse entertains me for reasons I keep meaning to get around to describing at length, but the short version is that “Milhouse is not a meme” is a meme, and people continually say about Milhouse himself that he is not a meme, but you can’t have “Milhouse is not a meme” without Milhouse, so the very meme that denies Milhouse’s meme-ness is the one that makes it happen.

jubru wrote:

Hi there – I am doing some research on internet memes for university and I would really appreciate if you guys could tell me what is your favorite internet meme and why. Please pick an example and elaborate what it is that makes you like this meme. You can also pick a remix of this meme that you particularly like and describe why you picked it. Thanks a lot in advance :)

Super Robo Jesus, because he iz the besst meme evar and he was reprogrammed for all our sins on today, Easter sunday, the day the dragon riders attacked and Earth was almost destroyed.
Thanks for giving him a chance

My favourite memes are:

-YouTube Poops
-Team Fortress 2 memes (nope.avi, Pootis, Vagineer, Painis Cupcake…)
-YTMND gifs
-Hitler Rant Parodies
-’60 Spiderman (even if he has been invaded by the ponies)
-You made Mikuru-chan cry
-Haters gonna hate
-The Rage comics
-All lolspeak related
-Look at all the fucks I give
-Condescendent Wonka
-How do I shot web?
-Brace yourselves
-No one does not simply go to Mordor…
-Troll Quotes
-Abandon thread
-Dat ass
-Shut up and take my money

My favorite subculture is MLP. My favorite meme is Cereal Guy. I like him because he is personally like me. He FREAKING EATS RECESS PUFFS AND ITS CANDY FOR BREAKFAST JUST LIKE ME constantly corrects kid shows aimed for toddlers, his -in-famous “I would totally date her” and spit, etc.


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