Gary Oak

Gary Oak

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Note: This entry contains spoilers about Pokemon Red/Blue/FireRed/LeafGreen and the Pokemon anime.


Gary Motherfuckin Oak

Gary (Motherfucking) Oak is a video game reference used to undermine any sort of achievement. It is based on the rival character from Nintendo Gameboy’s Pokemon Red/Blue, who was always one step ahead of the player’s character. Simply put, whatever you do, wherever you go, Gary Motherfucking Oak has been there and done that. Similar to the Chuck Norris facts, The fictional Pokemon character is typically mentioned to remind someone that you are not the best because Gary is the one. His supreme dominance has been also referred to as his “girth.” This stems from a demotivational poster depicting an adult roleplay chat in which someone tried to put “Gary Oak” on ignore. “Gary” said “you can’t ignore my girth.”

Gary Oak – A History

Gary Oak, or Blue Oak as he is known in the games, is the main player’s rival. He appears at the most inopportune moments: right after a series of difficult battles, or at the end of a very long level. After choosing a starter Pokemon, Gary will challenge the player to a battle, always choosing a Pokemon with a type advantage over the player’s choice. In Red/Blue, Gary will prevent the player from advancing in Pokemon Tower until they win. At the top of the Silph Co. building in FireRed/LeafGreen, Gary challenges the player to a battle after they have fought every Team Rocket member in the building, taking advantage of weakened Pokemon. After the player gets all eight badges and is on the way to the Pokemon League in Red/Blue, Gary stops by to check out their progress with a battle. Then, after beating the last of the Elite Four, Lance the Dragon Trainer, informs you that you would have been the Champion, if Gary Oak hadn’t just beaten you to it, requiring that you defeat him as well.

In the anime, Gary trolled Ash at every turn. He had his own parade out of Pallet Town, driving away in a red convertible filled with his cheerleaders, despite being 10 years old. “Gary was here, Ash is a loser”, was scribbled on the bottom of a signpost at Viridian City. Just as Ash was going to try to get his eighth badge, Gary drives up and rubs all ten of his badges in Ash’s face.

Meme Origin

Gary Oak as a meme began as this piece of Copypasta rumored to have been first posted on /v/ on November 16, 2001. It was reposted on /b/ on November 23, 2007

I firmly believe Gary should be the rival in every Pokemon game. No, I don’t care if he’s 45 by the time Diamond and Pearl or whatever is out.

He should also continue to be a total dick like he was from day 1. He was 10 years old driving around a convertible and had bitches at his beck and call. This should continue.

Whenever you enter a cave and come out with all your Pokemon are at 3 hit points? Gary appears.

Get through Team Rocket HQ, out of any healing items with your best team reduced to rubble? Gary rolls up in his Mercedes.

When you finally attain all the badges you need, with your favorite Pokèmon battered and beaten? Yeah, Gary.

All your Pokèmon are knocked out and you’re 5 tiles away from the Pokemon Center -- Guess who just blocked the entrance way and says he challenges you to a fight?

Fuck yeah, Gary Oak

The rant appeared as a definition on Urban Dictionary in February 2008.


May 2008, 17,000+ views

June 2008, Gary Oak singing My United States of Whatever, 14,000+ views

In 2008, the band I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog released the song Gary Mother Fucking Oak (Confirmed For Brawl) on the record Epic Fail.

In September 2009, he was the background for a “You’ve Been Trolled” video:

CollegeHumor uploaded the Gary Oak rap (a parody of I’m on a Boat) on April 9, 2010:

In May 2010, Gary was named number 98 in IGN’s top 100 video game villains list. In addition to a Facebook group, there are also two single serving blogs dedicated to him on Tumblr: Gary Motherfucking Oak and Fuck Yeah Gary Oak. There’s also a Twitter for Gary.

Text Examples

  • It’s 1997 and you’re downloading Pokémon porn on your 56k modem. Oh boy, this zip file full of Misty nudes only has 10 minutes left. You’ve been waiting six hours for this. When the file gets to 99.9%, you start unzipping your pants and are getting ready for the fap of your life. At that moment, guess who picks up the phone and disconnects you? GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK.
  • You have just been rewarded with your Masters Degree in Cancer Research. In ten minutes you are going to have an interview to get the job of a lifetime with a six digit salary. You’ll be able to pay off your student loans no problem. You flip on the TV right before you leave and what do you see? GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK has just found the cure for cancer.
  • You have just fended off a shark, you are bloody and tired but you can climb onto the boat when who shows up to stomp your fingers? GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK.
  • You’re walking home at night and a mugger attacks you with a knife. You are able to drive him off using years of karate lessons, still sustaining some deep knife wounds. Guess who shows up and asks you for your wallet with a baseball bat? Gary MOTHERFUCKING OAK, that’s who.
  • Congratulations, You have finally beaten Gary Oak and have no healing items left over. You head over to the Pokemon center and then the PokeMart, guess who blocks the entrance to the Pokemart. GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK That’s Right, Gary Oak is just that Epic.
  • Gary Oak just finished owning your ass with kung-fu. He’s walking to the hospital to recover from the wounds he got. He’s tired. He crashes into a mirror, and ends up in a coma. Why? Because not even GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK is safe from GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK.


Ever since the launch of /vp/, formerly /tr/, 4chan’s Pokemon board, in July ’10, there has been a major increase in the number of Gary Oak threads, mainly in the form of Garybombing, the act of spamming terrible and pointless threads with images of Gary Oak. Due to the dubious quality of said board, the number of these spammed threads has remained high.

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