Larval Rin

Larval Rin

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Larval Rin (Japanese: リンの幼虫, Rin no Youchuu,) is a nickname given to a fan-made Vocaloid character inspired by Kagamine Rin. This mutant has developed a following in many online illustrator communities.


Larval Rin was created by pixiv user mossan (もっさん)[1] on December 17th, 2009.[2] In the description, the creator left a comment about this mutant consisting of Rin’s too-long head with legs “It might evolves at Lv.14.”.

Later, he posted another illustration which implied that Larval Rin is indeed a larva, and that Kagamine Rin is not in her final form yet.[3]

Larva → Chrysalis → ?


This creepy mutant has gained a favour of some amatuer illustrators and movie creators. Their illustrations and videos, usually utilizing Larval Rin’s Miku Miku Dance (MMD) models, are uploaded to pixiv[4], piapro[5] and the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND).[6] In addition, a few of Larval Rin fanarts are also found on deviantART.[7] In those fan works, Tako Luka often appears with other user-generated “creepy” characters in NND mashup videos, which group is called “The Three Miserable Sisters” (惨姉妹, Sanshimai)[8] consisting of she, Tako Luka and Shiteyanyo.

However, Larval Rin hasn’t spread so much compared to previous fan characters such as Hachune Miku or Tako Luka. This is because more the shocking mutant, Shiteyanyo, came shortly after Larval Rin, and fan made Vocaloid characters have been gradually more popular within the fandom.

Official Approval

A Japanese model sculptor circle Qvinta Essentia released Larval Rin figures on the Japanese garage kit convention Wonder Festival[9] in July 2010.[10] Due to its release, mossan and Crypton Future Media made an agreement for Larval Rin ’s character licensing deal. A similar licensing deal had previously been made with the creators of the fan characters Tako Luka, Shiteyanyo and Akita Neru. At that moment, Larval Rin joined the official recognized Vocaloid characters. Larval Rin character goods have been released in Doujin market or figure conventions under this license.

Besides, SEGA has released Larval Rin wallpapers designed by mossan for Vocaloid rhythm game Hasune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade[11] since 2011 and included Larval Rin figure in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F[12] released in August 2012.

Notable Examples


Variations of other characters besides Rin in this manner have been occasionally created.


Left: Vocaloid Song “Matryoshka” | Right: Animated Music Video for Vocaloid Song “Toeto”[13]

Left: Soaring Dance[14] | Right: MMD Comedy Skit[15]

Search Interest

External References

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