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Doujinshi ( also known as Dōjinshi, or simply Dōjin) is a self-published work that usually ranges from novels, to magazines, but the most common form of doujinshi is manga. [1]. However, some professionals do make doujinshi. The term is derived from two other terms: 同人 dōjin, “a group for the same interest” and 誌 shi, “a magazine or a pamphlet” [2].


The earliest display of doujinshi originated in the Meiji Era of Japan. "Meiroku Zasshi" was published since 1874, often being called the pioneer of doujinshi. The first magazine to publish doujinshi was Garakunta Bunko [3]. After the peak of popularity in the Shōwa period, doujinshi' popularity dropped in postwar years due to literary journals being published [4]. In the 1970s, doujinshi's popularity began to rise again. This is speculated to be because of a new technological method, photocopying. In the early 90s, doujinshi started being sold at comic book stores. In the 21st century, doujinshi is very prominent. Websites like DeviantArt are where most of them are published. A majority of doujinshi also tend to be hentai.


Doujinshi, for many years, has had a split reception with Western culture and Japan. As previously stated, doujinshi was very prominent in early Japan, and still is today. However, creating doujinshi is not as popular in America. Although, reading doujinshi is a hobby for many people around the world.


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One of the-- if not, the largest-- comic/doujinshi convention is called Comiket. It is hosted in Tokyo and last took place in late December [5]. There, the doujinshi fandom cosplays, sells and buys doujinshi, and other activities.

On July 3, 2003, an official club called the Doujinshi Club was created on DeviantArt [6]. However it's not very active.

On February 4, 2006, a group was formed named doujinshi-artists. It has over 400 members as of May 2015 [7].

Comiket Kuroko no Basuke Controversy

During sometime in late 2012, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, creator of the basketball manga Kuroko no Basuke, received death threats and a mysterious and harmful powder/liquid [8]. Due to this, all doujinshi and other things associated with Kuroko no Basuke was banned temporarily from Comiket and other conventions. On December 15, 2013, the perpetrator, 36-year old Hirofumi Watanabe was arrested. On March 29, 2015, Comiket held a Kuroket to honor the manga [9].

Notable Memes

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Hentai Quotes

Hentai Quotes are risqué quotes that tend to come from doujinshi, usually in the midst of sex.

Merry Clitoris ,,クローズ/ は Santa Claus s A S------- ゲス野郎

A Cat is Fine Too

A Cat is Fine Too… is another phrase from a hentai doujinshi. After a pedophile chases a loli succubus, she turns into a cat. The pedophile proceeds to unzip his pants saying, "A cat is fine, too." It is frequently used on imageboards and forums.

Mega Milk/ Titty Monster

Mega Milk/ Titty Monster is an iconic picture of a teenage holding her breasts in her arms in a mocking way. The phrase comes from a hentai/incest doujinshi where a teenager experiences a massive growth in her breasts.

Multi Track Drifting

Multi Track Drifting is a phrase that comes from a parody doujinshi that replaces cars with trains. As said in the title, the phrase comes from a scene where a train is "Multi Track Drifting", similar to drift with cars.

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