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Lemongrab is a character on the cartoon Adventure Time. Lemongrab first appears in “Too Young.” He was an experiment of Princess Bubblegum’s gone wrong, yet this connection allowed him to usurp the throne to the Candy Kingdom after Bubblegum’s de-aging, until her original age of 18 was restored. Once Princess Bubblegum was 18 again, he was fired, and insulted by Bubblegum who stated “Hey Lemongrab, You’re fired, ya butt!”, and returned to Lemongrab, the place for which he is the Earl.

Lemongrab is known for being a neat-freak, to the point where he has panic attacks and extreme voice modulation in the face of untidiness. He also has a thing for handing out lengthy sentences for different crimes, such as “One million years dungeon!” He does not respond well to disorder, in any way. If anyone disobeys him, he sentences dungeon time, or punishes them in his “Reconditioning chamber” which is an electrically modified room.

Throughout the series, he has made several appearances, in order, the episodes he has appeared in are “Too Young”, “You Made Me”, “All Your Fault”, “Mystery Dungeon”, “Another Five Short Graybles”, and “Too Old”

In “You Made Me”, Lemongrab revealed he was lonely, and he had no one to rule over, however, he could not grasp the candy peoples ways. When sent three candy kingdom citizens, who were rebels, and they did not listen to him, he sent them to the “reconditioning chamber” and shocked them with “4-3 units”. When Bubblegum, Finn and Jake went to rescue the candy people, Bubblegum introduced him to “Lemongrab”, which was an (almost) exact replica of the original Lemongrab. He let the candy people go happily after he had someone who understood the “Lemon-styles”.

In “Too Old”, he becomes a tyrant, and is obese. His brother has been partially eaten, and is missing a chunk of the right side of his head, he has no legs and got around by hovercraft. Lemongrab 1 is extremely angry at him, no matter what he did, finally, he ate his brother whole. Lemongrab 2 was fighting for the freedom of the lemon people, and told them to fight as well, but he was eaten and killed. (Or so we are left to believe, you do not know with Adventure Time, they may throw another curve-ball.)

Another Five Short Graybles has gained popularity around Tumblr and Youtube, for the scene in which they fight over a porcelain doll named “Lemon-Sweets”. When Lemongrab 2 refuses to let the doll “dance” and would rather him go to bed, he turns to get a hat for the doll. When he turns around, Lemongrab 1 is making the doll dance, and looking at his brother in contempt. When lemongrab 2 tells him to stop, Lemongrab 1 shakes his head, and then states “We HATE you.” This causes an uproar, and the demise of Lemon-Sweets, making Lemongrab 1 furious and proceeds to eat his brother whole, and alive. There are many uses of the spiteful look on Tumblr, and there are videos of this scene alone appearing around Youtube.

Lemongrab’s quote, “UNACCEPTABLE”, is growing with increasing popularity as well. The phrases most used are “UNACCEPTABLE”, “Lemon-styles”, and “Who did – THE THING?”.

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