Night of Nights / Night of Knights

Night of Nights / Night of Knights

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“Night of Nights” (Japanese: ナイト・オブ・ナイツ Naito obu Naitsu), also known as “Night of Knights”, is a musical remix based on a background theme taken from the bullet hell vertical shooter game the Touhou Project. This fast-paced song has since became one of the most popular Touhou remixes, being featured in numerous MAD and YTPMV videos, along with musical covers and parodies, and as well as being a contributing factor to the spread of popularity for the Touhou series.


“Night of Nights” was originally arranged by Japanese musician/producer BeatMARIO (Japanese: ビートまりお), member of the popular doujin group COOL&CREATE. It was based on the song Flowering Night (Japanese: フラワリングナイト), composed by the series creator ZUN as the theme of character Sakuya Izayoi for Touhou: Phantasmagoria of Flower View, the ninth installment in the Touhou Project series.[1]

ZUN – Flowering Night | COOL&CREATE – Night of Knights

The remix was initially compiled with other Touhou remixes in a three-disc compilation album titled “花詠束 – hanataba -” (trans. Bouquet – hanataba -), and was released at the Touhou convention Reitaisai 4 in Japan by the group Unionest.NET on May 20th, 2007.[11]


Over a year later, the song would be uploaded to Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga for the first time on July 20th, 2008,[2] where it received over 518,000 views, and it was uploaded a second time two month later, becoming the most popular upload, gaining over 2 million views as of July 2013.[3] Following the same route of previous Touhou songs like “U.N. Owen was Her?,” “Night of Nights” soon became a resource for MAD remix. According to the Nico Nico Pedia[12] page of the song, the first known mashup of the song was a derivative of Futae no Kiwami series, which was uploaded to NND[4] on August 7th, 2008. But the video that would trigger the song’s popularity was uploaded to NND on August 16th, 2008.[5] Being an off-branch of the Enemy Controller Mad series, the video received over 1 million views before being taken down due to copyright claim. From there, over 3,100 videos, ranging from MAD videos to musical covers of the song, has since been uploaded to NND[13] as of July 2013.

On YouTube

Around the same time, the song has also been favored positively with YTPMV makers, after videos from NND began to be reprinted to YouTube, and began introducing it into their works. As of July 2013, over 58,000 videos relating to the song have since been uploaded to the site.[14]

Notable Examples

Musical Covers

Piano Cover[6]

Guitar Cover[7]

Violin Cover

Ruler Cover[15]


Marisa Stole the Precious Thing[8]

Donald McDonald / Ran Ran Ru[9]

Team Fortress 2

Epic Sax Guy

Raging X / X on drugs

Main entry: Raging X

On the 24th of January 2009, the video 【東方】みだれあばれいむ【ナイト・オブ・ナイツ】[10] (【Touhou】 Crazy Raging Reimu 【Night of Nights】) surfaced in NND, featuring Reimu Hakurei (the main character from the Touhou series) performing an energetic dance to the rhythm of Night of Nights with other characters from the Touhou series also making appearances.

To these days, it led to more than 50 creations on NND featuring characters from other shows doing the same dance and interacting with various objects (usually a box) and characters from their shows. Most of the videos uploaded in Youtube are known as as “X on drugs” and may feature characters from series other than Touhou.

Search Interest

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