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Pokeparents / Pokedads

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Pokeparents (also knowed as Pokedads) is an Advice Dog-style image macro series with an image of a Pokémon. The images are stereotiped with a type of parent, family member or friend. For example, the Blastoise macros are about an awesome dad, or the Ninetails macros are about a MILF mom.


The Pokeparents images began with a 4chan thread called Pokedads [1], where the OP said that his only friend was a Blastoise, and the people start to say “If Blastoise was my dad…”. Finally, an user post an advice dog style image with the head of a Blastoise, with the caption “Stick with me, kid / I’ll protect you”


In the same thread, another user put a template of the Charizard Dad, that was an oposite of Blastoise Dad. More templates appeared, like the Venusar Dad or the Mudkip Dad.

The same day, another thread was created [2], where the people create more templates and more roles.

Pokemon Family

The following is a list of Pokemon used in this meme, followed by how their family roles are portrayed.

  • Charizard – Mean abusive dad
  • Blastoise – Awesome dad
  • Venusaur – Fat lazy dad
  • Pikachu – Fun reckless dad
  • Dragonite – Tries to connect with son but is shunned dad
  • Ninetails – MILF mom
  • Meowth – Cool Uncle
  • Spearow – Annoying brother
  • Voltorb – Mean brother
  • Psyduck – Nuttjob dad
  • Lickitung – Pedo dad
  • Zapdos – Thinks his son is an idiot dad
  • Gyrados – Strict asian dad
  • Farfetch’d – Conservative christian dad
  • Gloom – Mom on Valium
  • Meganium – Overprotective smothering mom
  • Alakazam – Nuts about grades dad
  • Golem – Vietnam veteran dad
  • Mewtwo – Too busy for family dad
  • Snorlax – Lazy dad
  • Slowpoke – Slow dad
  • Articuno – Runaway dad
  • Magmar – Cheap dad
  • Missingno – Retarded dad
  • Gengar – Mysterious stranger
  • Haunter – Mobster dad
  • Kangaskhan – Mom who ignores her older son to give attention to the new baby
  • Kadabra – Moral dad
  • Houndoom – Narcissistic dad
  • Wigglytuff – Metrosexual dad
  • Drowzee – same as Dragonite
  • Paras – Dad on LSD

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[1]Chanarchive – Pokedads

[2]Chanarchive – Pokedads 2

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Jacob Thurston
Jacob Thurston

My ideas…tell me if there good plz

Latias – The Seductive sister

Latios – the brother who wish he never had a seductive sister

Probopass – illigal immigrant dad

Gallade – Loves himself too much dad

Rotom – Unorganised dad

Machamp – excersise obsessed dad

Steelix – uses son as slave dad

Ditto – “impersenator specialist” spy dad

Unown – perverted Kindergarden teacher dad


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