Stoner Dog

Stoner Dog

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Stoner Dog is an image macro series featuring a picture of a dog that looks as if he is smiling. The background is typically adorned with marijuana leafs, and has smoke surrounding the dog’s face. The overlaid text generally makes some type of statement that could be associated with someone under the influence of marijuana.


The original photo is of two dogs, one of which looks as if he is smiling. This photo can be found as early as 2006, primarily on Russian websites and forums.[1]


The first image macros can be found on ICHC has early as June of 2008, but they did did not associate the dog with marijuana consumption.[2]

A marijuana reference was first posted to Funny Junk on December 14th, 2009, and was titled “totally man”.[3] The first post on Reddit was titled “Stoner dog makes me laugh every time” in the /trees subreddit on October 18, 2010.[4]

There is currently an active Facebook fan page[5], and it is quite popular on Tumblr.[6]

Search queries saw a sharp rise in March of 2010, but this may have been associated with Birthday Dog, who is often referred to as a “stoner dog”, and there are several posts around that time about his birthday celebration.

Notable Examples


[1]33B – All the funny pictures that ….) / 7/16/2006

[2]ICHCFido here just saved a bunch of money / 6/12/2008

[3]Funny Junk – totally man / 12/14/2009

[4]Reddit – Stoner dog makes me laugh every time / 10/18/2010

[5]Facebook – Stoner Dog

[6]Tumblr – #stoner dog

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