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Doggo is an internet slang term for dog, which is often associated with the word pupper in various ironic meme communities online.


According to Google Dictionary,[4] the word "doggo" means to "remain motionless and quiet to escape detection," which is believed to have originated sometime in the late 19th century.

dog go / dògō/ adverb informal adverb: doggo remain motionless and quiet to escape detection. "a dozen officers had been lying doggo for hours" Origin ENGLISH dog ENGLISHlate 19th century late 19th century: of obscure origin; apparently from dog -o Translate doggo to Choose lanquage Use over time for: doggo doggo -o 1800 1850 1900 1950 2010

On May 22nd, 2014, the Ding de la Doggo Facebook[3] page was launched, which typically highlights various dog-related meme images. Within three years, the page garnered upwards of 29,300 likes.

Ding de la Doggo @dingdeladoggo Spicy Home Photos Videos Watch Video " Liked ▼ Message . More ▼


On June 6th, 2015, the /r/doggos[2] subreddit was launched for viewers to share photographs of dogs. On July 21st, a "better names for things" chart titled "What are aninmals?" was submitted to /r/meirl,[1] featuring a picture of a Shibu Inu dog labeled as a "common doggo" and a Fennec fox listed as a "special doggo" (shown below). Prior to being archived, the post gained over 2,400 votes (91% upvoted) and 70 comments.

What are aninmals? If you have been around for a bit you might have heard of them before. But just WHAT exacntly are aninals? It's simple: animals are little people just like you or me. Over twenty different types of animnals have been discovered so far. Here is the most common ones that you can find: flopwop slippery tube dude fuckingfSTUPld idiotcommon doggo special doggo f vengeance

On September 15th, the role-playing video game Undertale was released, featuring a an anthropomorphic boss named Doggo. On September 18th, the SmolDoggos Tumblr[9] blog was launched, featuring pictures and videos of small dogs. On December 30th, a narrated video featuring the "What are aninmals?" chart was uploaded by YouTuber LilCosco08 (shown below).

On June 22nd, 2016, Urban Dictionary[5] user VictorLictor submitted an entry for "doggo," defining it as "a big ol pupper." On July 1st, Redditor InfiniteBungle submitted a post asking where a copypasta referring to a pupper as "a small doggo" and a doggo as "a big ol pupper" to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[10] to which Reddit SpaceJam0 replied that it originated on the /r/me_irl subreddit. On July 16th, Redditor kingofbreakers submitted a image of a blue button with the word "Doggo" written on it accompanied by a caption in which a "barber" says "You don't undertand meme formats" (shown below). Within three weeks, the post gained over 8,400 votes (81% upvoted) and 200 comments on /r/me_irl.[6] On July 21st, Redditor TurtlesOfJustice submitted a copypasta titled "Here's the thing. You said a 'pupper is a doggo.'" to /r/copypasta.[7]

Barber: What you want fam? Me: My parents aren't home Barber: You don't understand meme formats Doggo

Merriam-Webster Mention

On December 27th, 2017, Merriam-Webster included "Doggo" in its list of "words we're watching,"[12] a designation for words that are seeing increasing use but don't yet qualify for an entry. In their piece, they gave a history of the phrase "lie doggo" and mentioned the We Rate Dogs Twitter account as one of the reasons the word "doggo" saw increased use as slang for dogs in recent years. After tweeting about the mention,[13] several Twitter users responded to the Merriam-Webster Twitter account with pictures of their dogs (examples shown below). The mention and the response was covered by Twitter Moments[14] and Daily Dot.[15]

Adam Baxter @adamcbaxter Follow Replying to @MerriamWebster My doggo may look like a doggo, but she'sa 50lb 5 month old puppers Dan Johnson @coil780 Follow Replying to MerriamWebster 11 years young. Queen ofthe Universe @QofTU Follow Replying to @MerriamWebster Pastrami said HEY

Doggo Fight

Doggo Fight is a Tumblr[11] blog and exploitable image macro series featuring a mock fight poster with photographs of two different dogs placed in juxtaposed panels (shown below). Each dog is given a nickname placed above their photograph along with a special move written directly below.


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