Two Valentine's Day e-cards in the following collection.

10 Valentine's Day Memes And E-Cards For The Big Day

Valentine's Day is here. It's time to show your appreciation for all the great people in your life. Or just a time to complain about how much you hate Valentine's Day. This is a rather controversial holiday, especially for those who are single and are tired of seeing all the relationship-centered content staring them down all day long. But some of us still love it, and whether you're one of them or you'd rather get into a fist fight with Cupid because you're so tired of it, we've got the memes for you.

From the classic Valentine's Day E-cards to memes about fighting the loneliness away, there's something for everyone here. We've picked through the best Valentine's Day content for lovers and haters alike. Today, you have every excuse to post the following memes, which are collected from all the best Valentine's Day memes uploaded to our site over the years. Here are some of our favorites.

Ruining Valentine’s Day

Piper @xxsomebunnyxx If you're bored on Valentine's Day just go up to random couples in restaurants and yell "Who the hell is she?!" (Laughs in Sith Lord 35.1k 182 Share Y BEST COMMENTS MrUnknown13 • 4h O 1 Award The advanced version is when you bring some kids with you Reply 2.2k


please date me i know you have a boyfriend Sophia but i've been in love with you since eighth grade please i'm so lonelv to: from:

Deep down, a lot of us identify with isopods.

It’s a Tough Day for Single Folks

Valentine's day starterpack "No notifications"

If you're single, stay optimistic. There's always next year.

Love Someone Like Kanye Loves Himself

Hoping your Valentine's Day is the Kanye Best


You can take me out anytime to: from:

Internet Explorer

Dear Valentine

The older and more outdated this meme gets, the funnier it is.

Expand Valentine

People who have relationships on Valentine's Day Individuals Whom are single on Valentine's Day by choice Homosapiens Whom'st are single because they u B ly on Valentine's Day Minecraft youtubers

The Art of Seduction

I don't think about you at all. To: From:

This guy's got some serious skills with the ladies.

Taco Tuesday

When you realize Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday

Since it's technically Tuesday, tacos are an acceptable choice. Don't make them pink/red though. That's just going to look wrong.

One Less Thing to Worry About

You forgot to get something for your Valentine's Day is coming up girlfriend But you But you don't have don't a have a girlfriend girlfriend Never gonna give you up

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