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15 Doge Memes For A Look Into The Dogeverse

Dogelore, the subreddit dedicated to memes featuring the Shiba Inu dog with the famous comic sans text. It's a magical place where anything can happen, and everyone's a dog. It's a world where Elon Musk is a dog, Mark Zuckerberg is a dog, and even the Pope is a dog. It's a world where doggos rule and humans drool. But what is it about Dogelore that makes it so special? Is it the endless variations of the iconic Doge meme? The witty captions that accompany them? Or is it simply the fact that everything is better with a dog in it?

Whatever it is, one thing's for sure: the members of the Dogelore subreddit are some of the funniest, most creative people on the internet. They've created a whole world of dog-centric humor that's sure to make you howl with laughter. In Dogelore, anything is possible. Need to explain a complex political issue? Just add some doggos and suddenly it all makes sense. Want to poke fun at your favorite celebrity? Just turn them into a dog and watch the hilarity ensue. But perhaps the best part of Dogelore is the community itself. Everyone is welcome, as long as they love dogs and don't take themselves too seriously. It's a place where you can let your inner pup out and just have fun. So here are some of the best hand-picked images from the subreddit /r/dogelore.

Wacky Scooby-Doo has arrived.

Ok, gang. Let's split up. Shaggy, Scoob and Velma. You investigate the basement while Daphne and I... E SEKE will explore the master bedroom.

(Source: Reddit)

Retirement home job has arrived.

Oh boy, I'm really happy to start my job at the retirement home! This is Arbors meaningful work that society benefits from! Wahns 13897 Community Drive 2 months later Plate-und Ratungga to Young lady I'm afraid there was a little accident. You'll have to wipe my ass AGAIN affec D C

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A bit meta.

This sub has had the biggest downfall in reddit history 700 Now that I'm mod, I'm deleting the subreddit bro ain't no way anyone can save this fr 700 ΠΏΠ° P a EPO ALE PAS ***** 412 T HOLLAND

(Source: Reddit)

Houndoom hoodie has arrived.

Mom please tell us again how you and dad met! wow look at this guy's hoodie! Ok.

(Source: Reddit)

How I met your mother, Doge edition.

Garfield on Doge Tinder?

AT&T 17:54 +14 Garfield, 29 12 miles away I'm gonna swipe right on this guy. He's not the best lookin, but I need some gratification right now Hello my name is grrrfielppp

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Definitely needs some lasagna.

Doge reads about humans.

Right class so today we'll be studying the last surviving ay Period 12-14.7 Players) 2013 historical documents from the "human" aliens! M (April 2013) found |1s Finnot 27 2017 de Dige (4200) S www. Phot 32 Age of Resurgence 1.4.7-1.8.6 (15-50 Players) + 2014 get back doos a aprend M SPANI mados li Che Clape 1 is found (2014) sarie as toueTrod June 2014) Culinas fo 19 ded 2B2T HISTORY TIMELIN Made by using hundreds of collected posts, dozens of testemonies, video foor images and observation of the obiect The ping Master Batik for 20 2514 home TANIA M ONS A Project Vaelt Degias (august 2015) www kambing 2015 A Farmack & Pannet Vasi (13 Pre-type Period 1.8. 19.6 (50-60 Players? 2016 Zagors gard R. vanade 2M 275, in d roman Bray M 2015 Februar 2012 12th Couviner in Bude SERT DE 201 Their greatest kingdom, called 2b2t, had a long history full of wars, great projects and even exoterical events MER Wow humans were so cool!

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A multiverse inside the Doge multiverse.

Trade offer.

XX XII i receive: Nothing ******* HALA ATRADE OFFERA you receive: Happiness and emotional stability from funny dog memes @ownthedoge

(Source: Reddit)

Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Doge goes to trial and loses.

Just take the 30 years Mf you take it

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Le holiday has arrived.

Oh jolly, I sure am glad that I finally have a week off work to really relax and have fun. FUER I just hope that I don't quickly run out of things to do and realize that my life is completely empty outside of work and fall into a severe existential depression.

(Source: Reddit)

Le winning the squid game has not arrived.

I hate being an outcast at this orphanage But my big sister will surely free me when she wins the squid games

(Source: Reddit)

Is Squid Game still relevant in 2023?

I wonder what happened.

Just here standing beside the Warsaw radio mast on 8 August 1991, hopefully noting wacky or Uncharacteristic happens

(Source: Reddit)

Le MSCHF boots have arrived.

25 * The drip isso fire, I'm getting arrested for how hard it goes! 00 700 $ @thatdogdaniel dumbo Sir, you're under arrest for murdering a monkey for those boots.

(Source: Reddit)

What do you think about the current fashion trends?

Mark Zuckerberg has arrived.

A lot of strange things have happened in our college lately. I've heard strange noises coming from this cupboard, let's look what's inside. Holy shit, it's Mark Zuckerberg.

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Le Sorry has arrived.

Janng SORRY! Hey, have you guys seen Caesar? We were gonna play "Sorry!" with him.

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(Source: Reddit)

I sure hope nothing weird or uncharacteristic occurs.

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