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20 Cringeworthy Interactions And Bios From Dating Apps

The world and experience of dating can be scary. First dates and talking stages are awkward and no one really knows how to properly meet people anymore, especially with the huge development of online dating. Online dating has taken over the game of meeting and matching with people. Now it's just a big game of hot or not with the potential of someone starting and likely carrying a conversation. That isn't to say no one can find their significant other on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, but it surely isn't an easy task.

Sifting through so many cringeworthy pick-up lines and alarming bios is a daunting and disheartening task. For those of us who don't need to be on dating apps, or are just too scared of them, luckily we have Reddit. There are multiple Reddit subreddits that are dedicated to people sharing their strange, funny, or alarming finds on dating apps and websites for all of us to shake our heads at. Here is a list of 20 bewildering interactions and finds on various dating apps from people just trying to find love.

Do You Have a Dog?

Is that ur dog? I have a dog here as well Gestern yes its "my" dog how long do you already live in Berlin? "My"? I've been here since oct 2021 i don't want to call him mine... feels wrong. I mean we live together You? Zugestellt

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Way to Advertise Yourself

E S About me bumble 4 Brand NEW to the market after 10 years '93 model in colour white 9 % Only ONE previous owner Large dual front air bags and fantastic rear cargo Regular maintenance, low miles, clean undercarriage Superior handling and performance Swipe right to learn more or make an offer WON'T LAST LONG

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At Least She's Honest

About me Listen, am I the most attractive woman out there? Of course not. But do I have a good personality? No. But do I wake up every day and try to be the best person that I can be? Also no. I'm just needing someone to kill all the spiders that are about to come crawling through my duct work. Help. Me.

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Suspiciously Specific

About me Looking for someone with two (2) fully functional kidneys to take long romantic walks down dark alleys with My basics 5' 6" H Active

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Oh Boy

9:25 PM ... @ ↓. Today I've been hesitating to write to you as your Virgo hasn't proven the most compatible with my Libra. What's your take on your Virgo tendencies? 4G+ Ⓡll 78 ...

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Good Start

Undergraduate DegreeNL HOWL AT THE MOON AT THE MOON MOON About me I'm Not interested in small talks and being a step-mom I require 24/7 attention!! I have trust issue and will need access to your phone & email

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Absinthe 20 Tyler Junior College 4 miles away Hello, My name is Absinthe I am 20 years of age. I love to do people things. I like to drink water, eat warm meats, and many more. I enjoy the presence of humans, and the noises they emit from their mouths. X

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First Kiss

< C Chandler YOU MATCHED WITH CHANDLER ON 4/27/23 The first girl I kissed in kindergarten was named chandler Lmao wanna reenact it Today 10:38 PM Fun fact I'm pretty sure kissing a kindergartener would be frowned upon at this point in life Sent

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Cole 25 If you're below an 8/10 move on, I have better things to do. J X ★ $

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Okay Then

Today 7:26 PM You are pretty af ngl Sent my sister thinks you look like the zodiac killer and this message is giving that vibe Send a message

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Today 1:52 PM I don't like rain as much as I used to butttttt it's nice at timea I don't like it to be a downpour, but a nice intermittent, slow drizzle is nice. What's your rain trauma story that made you stop liking it so much? Today 4:13 PM My daddy was struck by lightening

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YOU MATCHED WITH DYLAN ON 27/10/2022. Can you teach me how to read Today 12:23 p.m. Today 1:42 p.m. Idk how to read What the does that say babe I can't read Today 9:53 p.m. Hahahahahahahaa Sent

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tinder NATURE BAC Jarrett 24 You see that duck? Yea, That's my f king duck. Her name is Daisy X

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What a Catch

New here Matt, 39 About me Work and gym take up 80% of my life. You want the other 20%? Im allergic to cats and Liberals so yea goodbye 97% of you Hah. I wish you knew how stupid you look with pronouns in your bio. I'm Fit, funny, great job, home owner, dog lover. No kids never married. Good luck

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i, 31 she/her About me Not for hook ups. Looking for something genuine that eventually turns into marriage. If you are genuinely interested please write me an essay stating all the reasons, why should I consider you! Insta: =

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GIF Today 08:30 Do you ever get mad when you go into your kitchen and realise you're the only snack in the house? Today 13:55 ugh i know it's so frustrating Today 15:09 Oh god I didn't think I'd get this far Today 16:01 and yet here we are Type a message ... Sent SEND

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I could make your whole week if i could make your hole weak Today 8:38PM You matched with Lola Send a message Today 8:38PM Pick up line made me vomit but ur hot so I'll let it slide

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Pretty Terrible

< Rachael YOU MATCHED WITH RACHAEL ON 4/26/19 Best pick up line go GIF You must be the infinity gauntlet cause I wanna put my fist inside of you That's literally horrible and go away It was meant to be so I'll take that as a compliment Type a message Sent Send

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It must that your not allowed to go to the theaters Today 1:38 PM I got a question for you first Why wouldn't I be able to go to the theaters? BOOOO Today 5:33 PM Because they don't allow snacks inside TWO even Today 6:09 PM imagine me throwing a tomato at you

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< 9:37 1 Cassie YOU MATCHED WITH CASSIE ON 2/4/2023 Hey! How's your Sunday going? Type a message O Sunday 11:46 am My pain is sharp and deep and I do not wish for a better world for anyone Today 9:37 pm Hbu? + Sent Send

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