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20 'Dungeons And Dragons' Memes For Your 'DnD' Group To Enjoy

Dungeons and Dragons has been around far longer than many of us have even been alive. The game allows its players to pretend the real world doesn't exist for a little while and enjoy the fantasy elements of a fun tabletop roleplaying experience, typically with detailed quests players are guided through by their DM. Usually, players will meet in a tavern and then spend the majority of the time aimlessly wreaking havoc on the DM's plans while trying to seduce random side characters, but if everyone's having fun in the process, that's all that matters.

While times have changed, DnD has always remained popular and customizable over the decades it's been around. It's gained a whole new generation of players, especially in the midst of the pandemic, because it's become particularly easy to play the game with friends online. Whether you're a player yourself, a casual fan, or you just like to watch others play it online, we've got some of the best new DnD memes for you to enjoy.

Soup's On

GET AWAY GM your games are too political AWW I ALSO CARRY a cathartic horror game experience IT'S a critique GOD of capitalism

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It's Okay to Say No

Player dumb idea DM No, you can't do that. Wait, wait. I worry what you just heard was, "That's going to have a really high DC." What I said was," You can't do that, even with advantage. Do you understand?

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Good One

000 Hey girl, I couldn't help but notice that you are trying to steal my mug. She was really into that, I'm telling you. So can I say you are... Mugging me? OOO Valeros, she broke your leg, your arm and stole your mug.

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Lawful Evil vs Lawful Good

MM Dice prison for bad dice that roll bad rolls Does this facility actually rehabilitate the dice so they can be successfully reintegrated into society? Or does it simply punish them in a way that further removes them from good rolling habits and leads them down a road of crit fail after crit fail, eventually returning them to the penal system? HA HA

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Easy Fix

By making Fabricate a ritual spell, I can earn thousands of gold in downtime Wizard Wizard Cool. Now you're being targeted by countless thieves, trying to steal your vast wealth. DM I'm gonna build a dungeon. Wizard

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biblioprincessdalian Follow something about netflix castlevania felt really weird but oddly familiar in the way the story is medieval low fantasy and yet every character is not only speaking in a super modern way but constantly dunking on eachothers backstories, dropping f bombs with impunity, and going on 5 minute tangents on whether or not vampires really are killed by running water and I couldn't put my finger on it until I realized they all talk like they're players in a dnd campaign. hymnofvalefor Follow 1 EL 19 You must be the Belmont. Source: biblioprincessdalian

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Nothing to Worry About Here

you vs the druid he tells you not to worry about

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A Cool Way to Join a Party

ThatBoomerKid @boomer_kid Arrow: (thunks into rogue) Barbarian: "Look, a note! (reading) It says 'I, a ranger, have joined your party.' YAY!" Rogue: "NO." Arrow: (thunks into rogue) Barbarian: "THIS note says 'BTW, if I wanted the rogue dead, the rogue would be dead."" Paladin: "I like the ranger."

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Digital Dice?


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When I give my players 5 source books and 15 races to pick from and they still insist on playing something else that isn't setting appropriate.

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Fate Is Cruel

My rolls out of combat. My rolls during combat.

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saxonvoter Follow DnD with non-native english speakers DM: The door is ajar. rogue: How is the door ajar? DM: Oh, it's slightly open. rogue: I climb into the jar. DM: no Source: siniristiriita 28 notes

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Only Spears Allowed in Realistic Campaigns


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History Is Always Scarier

"Hey DM what inspired you to make this campaign"? LOTR/The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Narnia Conan, Older dnd modules, Homm3 Warhammer "So I was reading this historical document"

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So-called "free thinkers" when their wizard hits level 5 BADILLAFLOYD

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Reading Skills

DM: It appears you have to wade across this river. It's about 5 feet deep and 60 feet across. Everyone roll me a perception check before you start. Party: *Everyone but Fighter fails* DM: Ok, Gil, roll me a wisdom check. Fighter: Uhhh... 6? DM: You see a sign on the bank, but you interpret it to mean there are no predators in the water. Wizard: *cocked eyebrow* ...Gil, what did that sign say? CROCODILES DO NOT SWIM HERE

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I'll Heal You in a Minute, Stop Freaking Out

When you don't help the downed player and they fail all their death saves

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Collect 'Em All

DND memes: omg multiple weapons on a fighter that idea is ridiculous! Medieval knights with a lance, sword and shield, dagger, mace or hammer, and sometimes a gun all at the same time:

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DnD at the Retirement Home

obesecamels It's occurred to me that "bingo night" or "bridge night" at the senior center will probably be "D&D night" when we get there, and now I'm ready to retire.

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You Get What You Deserve

The DM allows you to kill a cultist by casting Create Water in their lungs The cult's leader immediately casts Create Water inside of your lungs

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