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20 Painfully Bad Messages From Online Dating Apps

Online dating is becoming the number one way for couples to meet. I'm not sure how that can be, since most of the interactions you see that occur on those apps are painfully cringeworthy and gross. I guess there's always a diamond amongst the rubble though. Even though online dating with apps like Tinder and Bumble are so widely used and loved by many, there's so many screenshots of people on them just being terrible people. From risky and corny pickup lines to straight up uncalled for bullying.

Online dating and dating apps are a scary place and I feel for anyone who tries to use them to find their soulmate. Stay safe out there. I also congratulate those who have.Reddit's /r/tinder is a place for people who use dating apps to come together to share their most horrifying, confusing, and just plain strange interactions. Here are just 20 of those moments. Don't worry though; there's thousands of more where these came from.

Hoping to Catch a Bite

Ally First round is on me if You can guess my middle name Gator Done

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↓ D James Today 18:43 Yo i'm down to wash your car if you earn it x Earn it how? Let's be real. You've already made up your mind whether you'd sleep with me, so wanna give me that number of yours? X : Lets put it this way, James. I'd be more likely to sleep with your mate, Paul Mc in your photo, and I've been ignoring his friend request since 2016 x GIF Type a message... Sent

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Wholesome One-Liner

11:58 1 Search < Itsa YOU MATCHED WITH ITSA ON 4/22/23 5G Mama mia its-a nice to meet you + Sent

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Just Some Brutal Honesty

i'm j curious why you feel the need to type my name in each text purely out of curiosity hmmmmmmmmmmm good question could be that my ego prevents me from seeing you as a real human so im treating this entire conversation as like a little game with a made up person and i keep saying kylie as sarcastic reinforcement that youre real wanna get married?

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Not Sure if That's What She Was Talking About

Savanna Today Hey Chris! What are your big three? Kevin Garnet, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce Deliy ●●● OC

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: Chat Today 9:37 AM You're a web designer? i am years Profile for like the past 9 I need a website built for hair no offense but i'm on here to date lol No offense but I am not. none taken. so what are you looking for on here? besides a web designer lol Sent New clients for hair.

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A Little Hostile

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Oh My God

< Yesterday Let's see that flirt to roast ratio ●●● : I would ask you if you're tired from running through my mind all evening, but from the looks of it, you dont do any running

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Quality Material

Sun, Apr 16 6:41 AM Unusual skills I can fix u No thank you, I'd actually like to keep my te es Mon, Apr 17 12:31 AM You matched with Lauryn Mon, Apr 17 7:04 AM How you doin' Jack the Snipper? Sent

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May 19 92 miles away ww This account is run by mays current boyfriend. I want to find her a replacement before I break up with her X

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It Worked

Monday 9:06 PM aw thankyou :) i study mechanical engineering wby? Love your eyes What do you study? Yesterday 1:25 PM Let's convert our potential energy to kinetic energy Imfsoo Today 3:05 AM alright when? Sent

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Like Okay?

10:43 < YOU MATCHED WIT N 4/23/23 Ur mad weird unmatch me .LTE

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Bold Move

My best Dad Joke My dik was in the Guinness book of World Records. But the librarian told me I must take it out.

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Alrighty Then

Today 7:16 AM Hey you have really pretty eyes. When did you learn Arabic? Today 2:32 PM I'd love to pull on your hair

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Wasted Line

11:09 1 YouTube < Ella- YOU MATCHED WITH ELLA- ON 4/22/23 Under my umbr "ella ella ella" eh eh eh? What? They're talking about you in that song right? Today 11:09 AM + Sent

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

Today 16:28 sir you seem like a total red flag to me and it's so hot Send a message

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Peak Humour

April Today 15:25 I can only assume you're going to disappear in 16 days In 16 days .. why 16 days? 15th IT'S GONNA BE MAY Sent

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YOU MATCHED WITH WILL ON 4/12/23 You're cute wanna get drinks sometime? Oh wait sorry forgot to translate for you Oi you're right fit bruv let's go get smashed at the pub innit? + Sent

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Honest Answer

9:38 Today Sup Daddy? How's it hangin? To the left and not as far down as I'd like Delivered

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What Happened to Hello?

You look like you send terrible nudes Prove me wrong brother in christ you could have at least said hi how are you how's your day been

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