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20 Netflix Memes For All The Binge-Watchers Out There

For well over a decade, we've all relied on Netflix as the source of many wasted hours watching shows. It was the first widely successful streaming service in existence, and it changed the way we watched movies and television shows forever. Now, instead of just turning on the TV and hoping to find something good, we can find whatever we have in mind, as long as we've paid for the subscription to the streaming service. This has also led to the phenomenon of binge-watching, and many shows are now created solely to appease an audience of binge-watchers with short attention spans but a lot of commitment.

Whether you're into binge-watching or you're more of a casual movie viewer, you've undeniably been affected by Netflix in many ways. So, we've put together a collection of some of the best Netflix memes from everyone else who's been experiencing streaming just like you. From the good times in Netflix's history to the many controversies over the years, here are some memes covering any and all aspects of the streaming service's role in our lives.

Symbiotic Relationships

"Yo can I borrow your Netflix account Me: her's roommate's grim y brother Russlls ym parther, Buck my Netflix account my brother's roommat girlfriend's side guy Russell my mom

Let's hope we can continue doing this in the future.

Netflix’s Deus Ex

Manga Anime Netflix adaptation

I’m Here Physically, But Not Mentally

When Netflix asks if you're still there and you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the black tv screen.

When Netflix puts its Own productions in the popular section

I don't think all of them are that popular.

Mental Health Check

NETFLIX About Your Viewing 13 Straight Episodes Of Sons of Anarchy Hey bud, Your Account I Queue Help Just wanted to check and make sure everything's alright over there. You doing okay? We just noticed that you ve been burning through an awful lot of episodes pretty quickly, and got a little worried about you, but as long as you're good, we'll get out of your hair. Just let us know if there's anything you need, alright? Cool. Take care, man. The Netflix Team

You Guys Are Getting Paid?

Netflix is looking to pay someone to watch Netflix all day BY JAMIE RIGG步@JMERIGG·1 HOUR.. gt 呷8 huntingforsanity: My time has come 177,662 notes は

Someday I’ll Get There


No one actually finishes everything on their lists, right?

Sorry Henry

Henry Cavill I just wanted the Netflix writers to respect the source material. @parks.n.rec parks The Internet I know this, and I love you.



Do We Seem Qualified To You?

Time Immemorial @timeimmemorial_ Netflix: can YOU solve these unsolved mysteries?? Мe:

The Only Personality Trait

Netflix directors making a new character Actual character development Gay

Sort Of, Maybe

Netflix: Are you still there? Me: I don't know anymore Photo: Reddit

For Context, Her Show Was Scrapped by Netflix

10 Lauren Faust and Furious @Fyre_flye. 4h This coming from Netflix strikes as slightly hypocritical, but maybe that's just me... N Netflix @netflix. 5h To quote Guillermo del Toro: ANIMATION IS CINEMA. ANIMATION IS NOT JUST A GENRE FOR KIDS. NETFLIX

Aged Like Milk

Blockbuster BLOCKBUSTER @blockbuster Tweet why you're leaving Netflix. The top three most creative tweets using #GoodbyeNetflix will win a 1-year subscription to Blockbuster! 7:55 AM · Sep 22, 2011 - Twitter Web Client

Top Pick for Kids

4:02 i 71% Thu, Jul 19 G0D N Netflix Top Pick for Kids The Sinner - When a young mother inexplicably stabs a stranger to death, a sympathetic detective struggles to unlock the mystery buried in her missing memories Manage notifications CLEAR ALL +

Noble Purpose

What is my purpose? -You play netflix Oh Oh my god

That Show Was a Nightmare

MK200034 @mk345773 Sep 21 The Wisconsin police between 1978-1991. #DahmerNetflix :

Watching Dahmer was a tough time for all of us.

Wonder How This Happened

NETELIX (A NETFLIX *Raises Prices* Shares Plummet 20% NETELIX

My Sense of Humor Is Broken

Netflix Netflix Netflix prime video Netflix Prime Video Netflix

If you know, you know.

You’ll Love It

W.Chaos @WhosChaos yes netflix. you're absolutely right... NETFLIX Browse a Search DVD Kids Because You Watched... You'll Love... PIXAR bugs life HUMAN CENTIPEDE 12/10/17, 4:25 PM

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