Ryan Drummond And Emi Jones Sonic Voice Actors Rumor explained

Did The 'Sonic' Voice Actors Ryan Drummond And Emi Jones Get Freaky? The Rumor Explained

The Sonic the Hedgehog fandom is undoubtedly a devoted one, so when they learned this week that two of their voice actors, Ryan Drummond and Emi Jones (also known as Emily Jones), might have gotten intimate. Twitter users couldn't believe it, especially the alleged detail that Drummond might have "used the voice." Sonic and Tails might have actually been lovers this whole time.

As of right now, the speculation is just that: speculation. It's only a rumor. However, the rumor is a viral one, proving to be both believable and hilarious. There is evidence that supports the claim, but it's unconfirmed. Let's explain.

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Who Are Ryan Drummond And Emi Jones?

First of all, Ryan Drummond is the original, English voice actor of Sonic the Hedgehog which is objectively a pretty crazy accomplishment. He was born in Ohio and, later in life, he got the Sonic gig in 1998, continuing his career into the 2000s across multiple games like Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Battle and Sonic Advance 3.

Emi Jones, on the other hand, is a more recent addition to the Sonic voice-acting lore. She got her start in 2009 when she was cast as "additional voices" in the Sonic Stop Motion Adventures TV show. In 2020, she was cast as Tails in the fan-made TV series Sonic and Tails R.

Did Ryan Drummond And Emi Jones Do It?

This is where things get a little tricky. The duo's rumor dates back to 2020, around the time that the Sonic and Tails R show was coming out. A Twitter user posted multiple screenshots that were allegedly from Emi Jones's private Twitter account called @tailsprowergirl. The tweet and the thread that it started have since been deleted but many of its original screenshots are still circulating today.

soap shoe @tailsprowergirl 1h I miss him so much. Guys. 2 soap shoe @tailsprowergirl. 2h Guys. I got fucked by Sonic. 3 soap shoe @tailsprowergirl - 11h The voice. Was used. 1 soap shoe @tailsprowergirl - 19h Got my massage. It was amazing as hell. Gonna see his show in a few hours 2 >

Discourse about the private account and its tweets kind of fizzled out by the end of 2020 due to many not finding the account called @tailsprowergirl anywhere on Twitter. It either never existed or was deleted.

Many stopped believing the rumor until two years later in February 2023 when a Twitter user levied problematic allegations against another Sonic voice actor, Doryan Nelson. The long-form Google doc that they linked also included alleged messages with Emi Jones related to the matter, and in them, a different Twitter user isolated two clues that he thought proved that the 2020 @tailsprowergirl screenshots were authentic:

One: An alleged, verbal statement from Emi Jones present in the Google doc purported that she was in a secret relationship with a "public figure." The "figure" could have likely been Drummond.

Two: Emi Jones was allegedly known for shipping Sontails (Sonic X Tails) in the past and had purportedly commissioned Rule 34 art about the imagined scenario/fantasy in the past. This acted as validation for some that she would go through with participating in a real-life Sontails moment.

Doryan kissing Emi At around 2 pm, Emi showed up to the convention. She asked what happened and I told her about the previous night in person and how I was feeling. She became very angry, and told me that Doryan had just kissed her, only a few hours apart from what he had done to me. She phrased it in a way that it seemed to me like he had done it without permission and randomly, because he knew that she was in a private relationship with a public figure at that time, all of our close friends knew. I will omit this person's name simply because, unlike Doryan and Emi, I have an understanding that personal fucking relationships don't need to be shared with thousands of people. This conversation happened in person, but I have this excerpt from a conversation afterward. Them calling out zealousfox was because he was harassing Emi, but they used the fact that zealous ships sontails and sexualizes sonic characters as a way to get him canceled, despite the fact that Emi herself ships sontails and has commissioned sonic pum of her sonic sona with Sonic. In fact I was commissioned by her when I was younger to draw a scenario for her based on a real sexual encounter except with her Sonic character. EMUEMÄ° 02/17/2017 1:54 PM Fucking I'm done I'm actually done with people I quit And yay babe. I'll see you Ceci 02/17/2017 2:20 PM what did he tell her wtf EmuEmi 02/18/2017 12:02 AM Sorry for not responding Shared that I have sonic porn

So, Did The Sonic And Tails Voice Actors Actually Do It?

Honestly, we can't be sure just yet. As stated, the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom is pretty devoted, so now that they have a strong foothold in the speculation, more information might surface soon. Until then, the broader online community will just have to wait and make memes about it like it did happen.

local bakery raider @loafthief Replying to @semifreqsonic Ryan Drummond when he walks into the bedroom Ah, Yeah! This is happenin'! 9:32 AM. Feb 14, 2023 17.7K Views : PownicMania @PownicMania5000 Ryan Drummond when he accidentally misfires his sperm Come on ya big drip! Where ya goin'? 7:32 PM. Feb 13, 2023 84.8K Views ...

For the full history of the Ryan Drummond and Emi Jones Rumors, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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