Kevin Gates Instagram Story May 7th 2023 explained

What Did Kevin Gates Post On His Instagram Story Yesterday? The 'May 7th, 2023' Incident Explained

Rapper Kevin Gates is notoriously suspect, evident in his "passionate" lyrics that deal with women and their many features. Gates is making headlines this week for his May 7th, 2023, Instagram Story that shocked many on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok who didn't need to see the shocking video that he reposted.

Many online have since reacted to the now infamous Instagram story, including notable Twitch streamers like Kai Cenat. The internet seems to be collectively grossed out, but what exactly did Kevin Gates post? Let's explain.


What Was Kevin Gates' Instagram Story On May 7th, 2023?

On the fateful day in question, Kevin Gates reposted an Instagram Reel that literally showed a woman giving birth. The lady was standing up, leaning on a cabinet and pushing a baby out, with its head completely visible. Gates captioned the video, "The Most Beautiful thing on earth is the gift of Life," essentially relating the video to wholesome content.

iamkevingates ♥ 23h Watch full reel > ... X The Most Beautiful thing on earth is the gift of Life A Send message

What Were Some Memes And Reactions To Kevin Gates' Instagram Story?

Many people are fans of Kevin Gates' music, so a lot of people follow him on Instagram. Immediately after the story's upload, users started to post memes about his story, many of which told people "not to look" at the story. However, they essentially inferred that one needed to look at the story, similar to many don't Google trends.

ME AFTER VIEWING KEVIN GATES' STORY ON MAY 7TH 2023 "DO NOT LOOK AT KEVIN GATES STORY" kevin gates story: NCH upon seeing kevin gates ig story may 7th 2023

What Are Some Other Kevin Gates Memes?

The most notable Kevin Gates meme is the Kevin Gates jump which is associated with the famous catchphrase, "He don't got a single song where he need to be doing this." This meme also started with a Kevin Gates Instagram post in which he was jumping on stage, fully putting his feet behind his back and grabbing his ankles mid-air.

The catchphrase about him not needing to do that was used for other image macros online and the jump itself became a TikTok trend in 2022, when TikTokers recreated Gates' hilarious jumping pose, both honoring it and making fun of it.

iamkevingates Kansas City, Missouri ANTIIKKA MA" He don't got a single song where he need to be doing this W BIG HOMIES HOUSE

For the full history of Kevin Gates' Instagram Story on May 7th, 2023, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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