What Does 'Semaluhtounuyulohowwah' Mean? The Bizarre 'Family Guy' YouTube Meme Explained

What Does 'Semaluhtounuyulohowwah' Mean? The Bizarre 'Family Guy' YouTube Meme Explained

A new meme is going viral on YouTube right now and it's confusing some viewers. The meme is known as "Semaluhtounuyulohowwah" and it combines Family Guy clips with a bizarre mashup of Melanie Martinez's "Soap" and Adele's "Send My Love." But what is the meaning of "semaluhtounuyulohowwah" anyways? Here's an explanation.

What Does 'Semaluhtounuyulohowwah' Mean And Where Does It Come From?

"Semaluhtounuyulohowwah" might sound like gibberish at first, but it becomes more clear after watching a few of the memes. The seemingly random jumble of letters is meant to be a phonetic spelling of the lyrics, "send my love to your new lover," sung by Adele in the meme's backing track.

The memes are reminiscent of the wenomechainasama format, which uses a similar bizarre phonetic spelling for comedic effect. In the case of semaluhtounuyulohowwah, it was seemingly first posted as the title of a video by YouTuber kanał nie moich widzów in February 2023 that uses the audio under a low-quality Family Guy clip, inspiring dozens of new versions of the meme over the next few months.

How Is 'Semaluhtounuyulohowwah' Used In Memes?

Since the first meme was posted in February 2023, dozens of other YouTubers have taken it upon themselves to post short, low-quality cartoon clips, mostly from Family Guy, over the same audio track. The clips used are often some of the more strange or hard-to-explain ones from Family Guy history.

The meme started to see some spread outside of YouTube in May, with several memes using the insane phrase popping up on TikTok. The meme has also received some shoutouts on Reddit and a definition on Urban Dictionary.

For the full details on the semaluhtounuyulohowwah, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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