What Is The 'Sukuna Jar Incident'? The Disturbing Photo Of A 'Jujutsu Kaisen' Figurine, Explained

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Published Mar 27, 2024 at 03:11AM EDT by Marwan.

In March 2024, TikTokers started urging people not to look up the 'Sukuna Jar Incident' on Google, but naturally, people's curiosity took the fold, and hence the 'Sukuna Jar Incident' became a trending search result on TikTok and Google.

But what Is The Sukuna Jar Incident, and where does the original image come from? Here's everything you need to know.

What Is The Sukuna Jar Incident?

The 'Sukuna Jar Incident' refers to a photo of a Jujutsu Kaisen figurine locked in a jar with a white liquid, which is assumed to be bodily fluids.

While the origin of the original photo is unknown, it was originally featured on a TikTok video on March 14th, 2024. Tiktoker @kur0angel posted an edit titled, "Things I Wanna Put In My Mouth," which featured an image of a Sukuna figurine locked in a glass jar with a white liquid pooled at the bottom, alongside various images of desserts (shown below).

@kur0angel I WISH I HAD THE MONEY 😭 #real #jjk #food #fyp #Sukuna #Gojo #ryomensukuna #sweets #Jar #gojofigure #jujutsukaisen #jujutsu #kaisen #cream ♬ original sound – Kur0ang3l

The photo has many similarities to other "Jar Incidents," including the Gojo Figure Incident and the Pony Jar Project.

How Did It Spread Online?

After the original video was uploaded, discussions and memes started to spread online about the "Sukuna Jar Incident," especially on TikTok. On March 16th, 2024, user @comradealan posted a meme reacting to the incident, receiving 38,000 views in ten days (shown below).

@comradealan sukuna figure jar incident #jjk #jujutsukaisen #jjkedit #fyp #Viral #anime #animeedit #animetiktok #animefyp #gojo #gojosatoru #gojosatoru #sukuna #ryomensukuna #yuji #itadori #itadoriyuuji #toji #tojifushiguro #megumi #megumifushiguro #yuta #yutaokkotsu #geto #getosuguru #jogo ♬ Im trying to be sane… – darkofilms

More and more reactions started to spread online, and as the people's interest spiked, the 'Sukuna Jar Incident' even became a trending search result on Google, peaking on March 17th (shown below).

Interest over time 100 75 50 25 ^ Mar 24 Feb 26 Mar 6 Mar 15

How Is The Jar Incident Used In Memes?

Videos started to show up, particularly on TikTok, referencing the Jar incident. Also on March 16th, 2024, @gojosilly made a TikTok video captioned "Guys I'm crying there's a Sukuna Jar Incident," which gained over 340,000 views in just two days (shown below).

@gojossilly HELP ITS IN MY PROFILE BTW #sukunaryomen #obsessed #jjkfandom ♬ original sound – π—°π—΅π˜‚π—Ώπ—Ώπ—Όπ˜€

Another video, also reacting to the original video, was uploaded by @oreo.sansx on March 16th, with the caption "Someone help I accidentally saw the Sukuna jar incident video," which received over 230,000 views in ten days (shown below).


I need bleach so badly 🌝

♬ original sound – βœ–οΈ β€’π’žπ“‡π‘œπ“ˆπ“ˆ π“ˆπ’Άπ“ƒπ“ˆ β€’βœ–οΈ

Reactions online were mixed, with some mocking the incident, and others wanting to bleach their eyes after seeing another beloved anime figure in a jar filled with bodily fluids.

For the full history of the Sukuna Jar Incident, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry hyperlink for more information.

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