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Why Did Chris-Chan Go To Jail In The First Place And Why Are They Now Released? The CWC Saga And Controversy Explained

Chris-Chan has been in the news recently due to their surprise release from prison. The charges, however, weren't dropped, as this release is part of Chris-Chan going through the bail bond process, meaning that they are still expected to show up at the trial when that finally kicks off.

Every time Chris-Chan news happens, however, there's always a large number of people with the same question, "Who is Chris-Chan and what did they do to make everyone talk about them?" Let's explain.


The Person

Chris-Chan is widely considered one of the most documented people in modern history, which is due to them being what many call "chronically online" since their adolescence, with the majority of that time being a slow spiral into chaos as they became the face of overly obsessive Sonic fans with their OC character Sonichu (a cursed mascot and symbol for Chris-Chan).

Various parts of Chris-Chan's life, entire years, have been categorized into different arcs and sagas by people online (almost as if their life is an anime) due to the unprecedented levels of wackiness that are easily observable at any point in time, with this most recent prison time being called the "final saga" by many.

The Crime

The reason for this most recent arrest and jail time is a result of Chris-Chan having allegations of forced incest with their mother Barbara, a known figure within the microcosm that is Chris-Chan's life.

Audio recordings which are purported to be Chris-Chan confessing to this, as well as words and phrases said in texts and letters, have since turned the entire fanbase of "Christorians" against Chris-Chan, believing that these actions were truly committed.

As such, this sudden bailout from jail shocked everyone, as it was believed that Chris-Chan had completely used up all the goodwill and clout they had accumulated over the years, with no one coming to bail them out earlier despite that being an option this entire time.


The Situation

It is currently unknown if Barbara has any protections in place, as well as where Chris-Chan would even be staying if they're not allowed back at their house. Due to purportedly not having a job or a known support network, as well as a near-constant amount of people online in the local area that have been known to habitually stalk them, it's hard to say if the bailout from prison will end up being a blessing or curse.

Chris "Out of my way. I'm going to see my mother.

For the full history of Chris-Chan be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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