Why Is Streamer xQc Facing Flack For His 'Reaction' Content? The xQc Vs. Ethan Klein Debate Explained

Why Is Streamer xQc Facing Flack For His 'Reaction' Content? The xQc Vs. Ethan Klein Debate Explained

Kick streamer xQc has found himself mired in controversy after several creators on the internet accused him of reposting their content under the guise of "reacting" to it. While reaction-style content has been an internet staple for over a decade, xQc's new $100 million dollar deal with streaming platform Kick has irked smaller creators who feel like he benefits from their content without adequate compensation being given to them.

After Fair Use proponent Ethan Klein of h3h3productions called xQc a "content thief," the two engaged in a bizarre debate that involved xQc doing the worm and saying Ethan hired "paid actors" to malign his name. Here's a recap of the events.

Who Is xQc And Why Are People Criticizing His Content?

xQc is a French-Canadian streamer who initially rose to fame as a professional Overwatch player before becoming a Twitch streamer. He's known for his manic attitude and video game skills, with an audience primarily comprised of younger viewers. But streaming on the internet is an arduous job, with streamers broadcasting themselves for several if not most hours of their day. As his fame grew, xQc began to incorporate "reaction" style content into his streams, where he could relax and watch internet videos while his followers watched with him.

In late July 2023, xQc posted a video where he "reacted" to a viral video made by YouTuber LEMMiNO, titled, "The Kennedy Assassination: Inside the Book Depository." xQc's reaction to LEMMiNO's video was posted on the same day to the same platform, and gathered over 400,000 views. Many viewers felt like xQc added nothing of note to the video, and instead effectively stole viewers that could have engaged with LEMMiNO's content directly.

Fellow YouTuber Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers led the charge in criticizing xQc by painstakingly laying out the various reasons why his style of reaction content could hurt content creators that take great efforts to research and release their work. But xQc disagreed, leading to a raucous Twitter debate.

Mutahar @OrdinaryGamers Just a shame garbage like this fills the recommended tab. Bub Films @FilmsBub Jul 28 lemmino spends months researching, scripting, and editing a video just for react streamers to reupload the entire thing and provide zero input 1:53:36 7:48 PM. Jul 28, 2023 · 11.3M Views The Kennedy Assassination | xQc Reacts to LEMMINO 301K views 3 days ago COP xQc Subscribe #xQc #jfk #conspiracy. New 4,373 Retweets 175 Quotes 118.9K Likes 2,190 Bookmarks Mutahar @OrdinaryGamers I know you're not the brightest but I didn't expect you to be this intellectually dishonest. Subscribe Nothing inherently is triggering when you view live content on a different platform. It's when you reupload the content to the same platform and have it copy the same metadata to further cannibalize. I get it depends on the creator who's content your free booting. But in your own words just now you claim that you were just sharing a video with your fans with no intention to critique or transform it for fair use purposes. We demonized individuals like Jinx back in 2017. In large we do so as well today. This type of content is even frowned upon by YouTube in large or any web page as "repetitive and duplicate" content. YouTube will often change its algorithm to fight algorithm abusive content like this (e.g, reply era, initial reactions in 2017-era). I know you've watched The Dark Knight and anime's like HunterXHunter. Why not reupload those as well. You also realize claiming content isn't a task any creator can just do? It requires access to elevated content management systems only the larger studios and media groups have. Educate yourself. xQc @xQc. Jul 29 Replying to @OrdinaryGamers I wonder what triggers people like you so much. Revenue share? Audience split, algorithm? I've heard this complaint a million times and most "public figures" try to attack it from multiple angles, just to fall flat on their face. I'm watching a vid I like to my people. That's it Last edited 3:07 PM Jul 29, 2023 7.1M Views 2,670 Retweets 252 Quotes 65.9K Likes 1,932 Bookmarks

How Did Internet Users React To xQc's Defence?

YouTubers and streamers familiar with reaction style content attempted to differentiate between xQc's lackluster additions to videos made by other people, with YouTuber NeoExplains sharing a clip where xQc can be seen watching his video, and then leaving the room for several minutes while the video continues to play.

One YouTuber, Ethan Klein from h3h3productions, went so far as to call xQc a "content thief." This prompted xQc to challenge him to a debate, which went just as well as you might expect. Between xQc's admission of being severely sleep deprived and his defensive-to-a-fault attitude, the debate devolved into name-calling, with xQc doing the worm and accusing Ethan of hiring "paid actors" to malign him.

All in all, while several major internet creators seem to agree that Ethan won the debate, xQc's fan base continues to support him and cheer on his content. Whether the streamer has decided to switch up his activities is also still unclear, since it appears he does not believe he's done any wrong.

For the full history of xQc's Reaction Content Controversy, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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