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Why Shouldn't You Search For 'Pastel De Arroz Al Vapor' On Google? The Spanish 'Don't Google' Meme Explained

Don't Google___! is an evergreen internet prank that has now transcended language barriers with the new "pastel de arroz al vapor" meme. A slew of Spanish-speaking internet creators have been posting the phrase "pastel de arroz al vapor" alongside some choice meme picks. But what does this phrase mean and why did so many people share it? Here's the meme explained.

Where Does 'Pastel De Arroz Al Vapor' Mean?

The phrase "pastel de arroz al vapor" literally translates to "steamed rice cake" from Spanish to English, and refers to a traditional Filipino dish. The phrase went viral because a Spanish speaker realized that the Filipino name for the dish sounded oddly similar to a bad word.

LaWaby @_GabiWaby_ Follow Dicen que eres lo que comes. Tú seguro comes mucho pastel de arroz al vapor. pastel de arroz al vapor Imágenes Videos Comida Origen: Filipinas 5:11 PM - May 10, 2023 17 Shopping Se denomina o kue putu a una comida típica de las Filipinas, consistente en un pastel de arroz cocido al vapor. Este método de cocción es muy usado en el país, junto con el hervor y el asado, y se incorporó a la cocina filipina a través de otras cocinas asiáticas. Wikipedia Reply ↑ Share : Noticias O

How Did 'Pastel De Arroz Al Vapor' Become A Meme?

Various people began to repost the phrase and encourage people to look it up in subsequent days, often alongside a humorous meme that depicts the consequences of looking up the phrase.

te lo dije Peter, que no busques "pastel de arroz al vapor" Banda no busquen "Pastel de arroz al vapor" en Google...

What Are Some Different Ways People Use The Meme?

Some clever variations of the meme had people using the Spanish phrase for "steamed rice cakes" instead of the rude word it could be interpreted as.

Un random @Chuli81612332. Follow Eres un alto pastel de arroz al vapor 11:37 PM - May 12, 2023 209 Reply 1 Share O Aquiles Castro @FurnandoXD . Follow Hijo de "pastel de arroz al vapor" 10:22 PM - May 12, 2023 344 Reply ↑ Share Ⓡ

For the full history of "don't Google pastel de arroz al vapor," be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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