Gay Pride Corporate Memes from June 2021.

Weekend Roundup: Pride Month Kicks Off, And People Are Sick Of The Empty Corporate Platitudes

Welcome to the first week of Pride Month! Every year, all of June is dedicated to the expression and acceptance of LGBTQ+ pride. This is an exciting time of year for many people, even those who aren't a part of the group but consider themselves allies. However, a trend that has been increasing in recent years is the overcommercialization of Pride Month. At first, it was celebrated, as pride became a more mainstream topic and with corporations backing it, but it seems the empty corporate platitudes have worn thin.

Dolan Dark @DolanDark happy pride month fellow humans. it is me corporation. i too am a gay (as shown by my rainbow icon). i care deeply about your cause, please purchase my products and consume my media 11:01 AM · Jun 1, 2020 · Twitter Web App >

Start Of The Fall

Soon that joy and acceptance of the commercialization, the woke sales tactics, became just a little too obvious, and people started to meme the pandering to gay culture or the exploitation of Pride Month. The crack in the armor started last year with Companies When Pride Month Ends. These memes centered around how immediately after June ended, all the companies that had rainbow flags and Pride Month messages shifted back to their regular talking points and disregarded their previous branding, like Halloween decorations being taken down on November 1st.

Pride month is about to end, but you are still going to support us right? Companies I don't even know who you are
Companies when pride month is ov HEY, WAIT! STOP! I HAVE ZnGARBAGE
Me watching companies change their logos back to normal the minute pride month ends INTERESTING
B-But you said... th-that you supported.... h-homosexuality.0 Companies now that Pride month is over Oh please. Did you really think you'd be that lucky?
Companies on July 1st
Nobody: Companies on July 1st: Lot.EED AROT Lipton YO H Straight Tea ereshing and exciting Straight Tea bererage NON H--- MILK

Corpo Pride 2021 Pushback

Leading up to June this year, people were already anticipating the large corporate shift that was obviously about to happen. As expected, on June 1st, many public entities, subreddits and corporations changed their profile pictures to filters with rainbow flags and put up messages supporting LGBTQ+ initiatives. What they didn't expect, however, was a large upswell in memes mocking them for their predictable behavior. On various social media and meme-sharing sites, anti-corporate memes with a pride element were posted and shared in abundance, completely dominating the weekend leading into the start of Pride Month yesterday.

CORPORATIONS May 31st June 1st where is the nearest anti- LGBT lobbyist yay! love the yippee- I have Two Billion Dollars to spend. Gays! July 1st | once aqain have Two Bilion Dollars to spend
When companies change their logos for pride month Companies Gay People Come on... buy our products
Hello fellow gays, it is me, Corporation. Here to remind you that we support your lifestyle now that it's been legalized federally and we can capitalize on it safely as a mainstream trend. PAPA JOHNS Why did we have to wait until gay marriage was legalized to support you? No more questions homosexual, just buy the product
Big companies when June begins lam once again gay.
Companies during pride month: Companies after pride month: GAY u/jason-json

Alternative Takes

Some took a middle road when it came to memes about pride. Instead of poking fun at LGBTQ or the corporations, some decided to just make memes about the month itself, or rather the idea of a "pride month" in a metaphorical context. This can be seen in a multitude of ways, but usually through the use of Photoshop and Impact font on still images.

KitKat celebrates Gay Month by releasing a new KitKat with no straight lines feltcutemightdeletel • 1h I think they meant no parallel lines, because those are still straight. Who are you, who are so wise Lin the ways of science?
Icatholics when they hear it's Pride month (they forgot to celebrate greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth month)
So glad PCM mods changed their profile picture for pride month r/PoliticalCompassMemes r/PoliticalCompassMemes OJoined 472,014 members • 4,884 online Political Compass Memes
Ay Tone! Pride Month? Why should I be proud of a month? What has the month of June done for me?

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