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MEME OF THE MONTH Willy Wonka Experience Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Willy Wonka Experience this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of March 2024 CERTIFIED N0324

With 19 percent of total votes, the hilariously disastrous Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience easily beats the competition to grab the desired top spot. The barely put-together event had it all: AI-written script and images, a criminal lack of entertainment, a couple of sad Oompa-Loompas tending the bar, and a complimentary treat consisting of a single jelly bean and a glass of lemonade. In the center of it all was The Unknown, a previously unknown Willy Wonka opp who was somewhat endearing in the awkward manner it emerged from behind a mirror. Dashcon, Dashcon never changes.

Chris Alsikkan @AlsikkanTV apparently this was sold as a live Willy Wonka Experience but they used all Al images on the website to sell tickets and then people showed up and saw this and it got so bad people called the cops Imao 4:55 PM. Feb 26, 2024 DIC Facebook 9 Cladoch 34 It's the Unknown! ㅅ

Canon vs. Fanon

In the art trend department and in the second spot on our list this month is Canon vs. Fanon, an entertaining meme highlighting the typical tropes that occur in fan canon again and again and again. Exaggerated features and characters? Enemies to lovers? Animals to humans? We see you and we hear you. 12 percent of you know your fanon and have voted for the trend.

Canon 2 characters that absolutely hate eachother and dont have a single interaction thats civil together Fanon ་་་ CANON a literal child that did a lot of bad things but can still learn and grow FANON an irredeemable monster completely undeserving of love 1 CANON FANON A

No Chick-fil-A Sauce Girl

Don't give us those crazy eyes, but it's No Chick-fil-A Sauce Girl who places neatly in third place with nine percent of total votes. Displaying face-morphing abilities worthy of Jim Carrey, the No Chick-fil-A girl and her quirkiness have been a laugh and an inspiration – if not for cashiers worldwide then for thousands of TikTokers who parodied her memorable expressions.

Green FN

Making it into the top four is a slang term originating from NBA 2K community that plagued TikTok and beyond the entire month: Green FN. Used to comment on utterly terrible basketball shots (ironically) and someone pulling off something insanely cool (sincerely) alike, the slang phrase is no stranger to those who ever bother to browse comment sections on social media. For those who are yet to find it in the wild, we'll leave the option to find out what "FN" means in the full entry. Haters said Green FN will never be balling, but look at it now with 8.5 percent of your votes.

Cerveza Cristal

Wrapping up the top five of this ranking is none other than a meme you can hear, 🎶 Cerveza Cristal 🎶. A meme 20 years in the making, ads for Cerveza Cristal were sneakily placed by creative Chilean advertisers directly into Star Wars films in 2003, only to be rediscovered some two decades later. Witnessing Obi-Wan Kenobi saying "your father wanted you to have this when you're old enough" and then pulling a cold brewski from a cooler is as hilarious as it is unexpected, so naturally it inspired parodies in which Cerveza Cristal makes a cameo in Se7en, Team Fortress 2 and more. 8.5 percent, thank you for supporting the brand of the month.

We've seen the top five, but what about memes that didn't get enough people to vote for them? Will they be lost in time, like tears in rain? Of course not, here they are in a very particular order: the controversial 2024 'TikTok' Bill (7.5%), the spicy assortment of Dune memes, the unfortunate placement of Sadako's TV (6.5%), the Costco culture of We're Costco Guys (5%), that one zooted duck from Telegram (4%), all the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories (3%), the nostalgic aesthetics of the AI PS2 Filter (3%). Sydney Sweeney's anti-woke duo (3%), the Gamergate 2: Electric Boogaloo surrounding Sweet Baby Inc (2%), the Quirk Chungus archetype (1%) and Aella sharing a bit to much information about her birthday (0.5%).

2023 2020 made with mematic KNOW THE History KULES] imgflip. We need to ban TikTok We need to ban TikTok APPROPRIATE Based INAPPROPRIATE HELLO, Cringe Department? Lisan al-Gaib gauravP1005 gaurav.p.105
Dr. Roberta Bobby @DrSweety808 thinking about sandwich I eated.. Rhat was good II GIF 3:16 PM Mar 21, 2024 676.2K Views .
David Doel @daviddoel A real line from one of Canada's largest national newspapers. = NATIONAL POST Sign In Are Sydney Sweeney's breasts double-D harbingers of the death of woke? NP National Post @nationalpost • 22h Amy Hamm: Wokeness is no match for Sydney Sweeney's undeniable beauty HOOCE Causes of the video game crash E.T. ©1982 ATARI 1983 Sweet Baby 2024
I have decided to become a millennial comic artist. My original characters are: QUIRK CHUNGUS MAN CHILD -lacks all personality and -fails to realize she has already become her mother BIG_ED -some dogs are doggos, some are puppers -missed out on being a w---- will; this has, in MAG VARS turn, become his entire personality -his own existence is okay with him somehow CHILD REPLACEMENT 1,604 seed investors Fundraising as a founder 448 776 might be a fit 197 no longer in business don't accept cold intros 328 invested in a competitor 251 sent email 828 not actually a VC, just pretending 21 000 traveling in France 83 warm intro 25 responded to cold email 143 never replied 31 emailed back 'too early' 87 asked for deck 56 opened docsend 1 forwarded it to everyone 5 told us it would never work ■ 43 spent >1 min 13 told us to f--- off 42 asked for meeting I 37 had meeting 17 ghosted 5 term sheet 15 came in fluffer

Thank you all for voting and see you next month!

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