2011 April Fools' Day

2011 April Fools' Day

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The day the site struck back

Ever since I joined the webiste Know Your Meme a year ago, I never knew that I would actually be using it for social reasons. Yet still I found myself as the black sheep of the herd in this place, just like I was in the real world. This is due to the whole surrealness of the other users, while I try to stay myself on the site. But aside from that I was able to get the attention of people and found the site to be amusing.

But then…it happened.

I went onto the site that day just to be normal like I usualy am, but for some reason, everything was different. Somehow, the site that we all love has turned all it's users into Nicolas Cage. Now I know a lot of people respect the awesomeness actor, but this was just beyond surrealness. Every user, from Brand New Member to Internet Scientist has been turned into a copy of Cage, with the name being changed to the name of one of his characters or movie titles. The first one to notice this was Suiseseki, who for some reason was too nervous to say her ususal tourettes-esque catchphrase.

Entire Website ls Nicolas Cage! 5 Last posted about an hour ago. Added about 6 hours ago 17 conversations with 14 participants + Post a Reply 2 Weeks FREE Leaving Las Vegas (Suiseiseki) Researcher Friends (68) Knowing (Suiseiseki) Researcher Next to Walde Joined 7 months ago 85 images, 1 ideo 154 comments 1,281 forum posts 1 entry edtorshp 728 I am an extremely awesome pre used 12vot battery of win desu This is my story DESU. Repurcussions of Spam desu Suiseiselo wated The lights abov. her blinked and sparked out of th@猷Then, were trons-the forum She didnt see them, but had expected them now for years. Her wamings to Captain Blubber were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now anyway Su' was a do for fourteen years wren she was young she watched the rtertutts and she said to dad want to be onthe interbutts da . Dad sad lo, You wd BE ,OLL Y TROLLS, Thee申was a time when she beheved him Then as she got oidered she stopped But now in the just for fun fonum of the KYM she knew there were trolis. This is Blubbr the radio crackered. You musthght the trollsr So Su, gated her desu spammer and blew up the thread HE AM GOING TO SPAM US said the trolis Twill argue at him said the cybeedemon and he fred the rocket posts Sui desu'd at him and tried to blew Following (2) him up But then the ceiling fell and shey were trapped and not able to kll Nol ust kill the trolls she shouted The radio said No Sui You are the trolls An then Sui was a newfag THE END? AWE SOME GAME IDEA Samus Aran Master Chief AND Isaac Clarke are trapped inside USG Ishimura with a bunch of things that are made from a combination of Fiood, Metroids and Necromorphs Also, Ishimura has been taken over by GlaDOS, whio used Potal technology to Suiseiseki has no followers wat do?

Why did this happen?

My guess was that Know Your Meme has somehow rebeled against us. The reason why it did that is a complete mystery though. Maybe it felt in a low state after being taken over by the Cheezburger Network. Maybe it was because it thought the Rebbeca Black's song was so stupid that it was repulsed to have an entry on something that low. Or maybe because it was fed up with so many newfags that it tried to make them into someone respectable, but then got carried away and did it to everyone. Lots of members have done things like assume several identies at the same time like Smugleaf or _____pwnzer, but that was at free will. None of the staff was present that day, probably they didn't want to see the horror that their creation has done.

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