2022 April Fools' Day prank examples, depicting the among us horse and pibby from adult swim.

2022 April Fools' Day

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On April 1st, 2022, various websites, companies, online services and platforms released gag videos, products and features in honor of the annual holiday April Fools’ Day.


Adult Swim

On the adult animation network Adult Swim, glitched clips appeared during broadcasts, with Pibby from Come and Learn With Pibby invading other shows,[1] including Smiling Friends, Rick and Morty and The Eric Andre Show.

Among Us

Developers of the hit indie game Among Us, the video game company Innersloth,[2] announced that the game for one day only will be switched to "horse mode" in which all crewmates are replaced with horses wearing crewmate spacesuits.


The eSports organization Cloud9 changed their Twitter account name and logo to Clown9 in recognition of a long-running eSports meme. The account also shared some of the most embarassing gaming moments involving Cloud9 rosters in various disciplines.[18][19]

HYPER KASER PERMANENTE Microsoft AT&T Red Bull * Blockchain.com FURY PUMA os A Follow ... CLOWN9 Clown9 @Clown9 Cloudy with a chance of tweets | Follow @C9LOL for C9 League of Legends! | Esports Organization #C9WIN CLOWN9


Minecraft YouTuber Dream tweeted[3] that he hates his friend and fellow Dream SMP member GeorgeNotFound.

Dream @Dream I hate GEORGENotFound he is so dumb and stupid and SUCKS! 12:26 AM · Apr 1, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Developers of the battle royale video game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout reported[4] "derpy whales running wild in the game's code." A ??? Challenge was added into the game, with 40 players competing in Hex-a-Gone simultaneously, with the winner awarded a unique skin.

Goat Simulator

Coffee Stain, the developers of the simulator video game Goat Simulator, announced[5] Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture, to be directed by Steve-O, accopmanied by an open call for auditons on TikTok.


Gaming peripherals company HyperX announced[6] TCH keycaps for keyboards for gamers who need to touch grass, referencing the slang term.

НуperX @HyperX HYPER •.. for anyone who's ever been told to go touch some grass, we gotchu >> hyperx.gg/grassy F10 END PRTSC A 12:10 PM · Apr 1, 2022 · Sprinklr F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 PRTSC END TM HYPER


Mojang Studios, the developer behind the video game Minecraft, announced[7][8] "One Block at Time Update" to address the game becoming too complex. The update will have features removed through the game one by one.


Animated movide franchise Minions announced an NFT drop for Apathetic Gru.[20]

#Minions @Minions Our Apathetic Gru NFT drop is here. Browse the collection at gruthemoon.com 11:00 AM · Apr 1, 2022 · Twitter for Android

New Blood Interactive

Video game publishing company New Blood[9] announced that due to the recent launch of Elden Ring the company would halt development of video games until 2023.


Entertainment portal Newgrounds announced[21] Dankment NFTs, a joke on the popular Newgrounds flash game Tankmen.



Multiplayer FPS video game Overwatch added[10] giant googly eyes to every hero in the game, something the game has done each year since 2020.


Rainbow Six Siege

Multiplayer FPS video game Rainbow Six Siege teased[11] the 8-COG scope, a joke scope item for Ash and Bandit. The item adds over 10 scopes to a rifle.

Rainbow Six Siege ... @Rainbow6Game For when one ACOG isn't enough... try the new 8- COG scope". Coming to Ash and Bandit, among others... Today's super secret update sure is a sight to behold 10:00 AM · Apr 1, 2022 · Sprinklr


Gaming hardware company Razer presented[12] a HyperSense full-body suit with haptic feedback meant for immersive interaction with the metaverse and virtual reality, with tech news websites assuming it's likely an April Fools' joke akin to Razer's past pranks such as Razer Toaster.

Reddit / /r/place

On Reddit, the subreddit /r/place was reactivated,[13][14] with users again able to place a colored tile on a communal canvas every five minutes (screeshot as of 10:38 a.m. EST shown below).

place Join r/place 2b 2t R/TÄGPRO BRKR FOXHOLE HERME Place a tile RECAP,

Additionally, multiple subreddits, including /r/dogelore, /r/HistoryMemes and /r/polandball did their own April Fools' jokes (list shown below, left).[15]

April Fools Megathread 2022 Megathread Use this post to ask questions about April fools content or to post popular April Fools from brands/websites/subreddits/influencers/etc. I'll try to update the main post with the most popular April Fools events that subreddits are putting on. • Reddit is bringing back r/Place, a community driven art experience where users are able to alter 1 pixel out of 16 million once every 5-20 minutes. For the previous r/Place final art click here r/polandball is adapting to the times and now submissions are anything but balls. Also, you can bid on comics to get the NFT of it. r/PrequelMemes is banning content from the Star Wars prequels, and switching to prequels from other franchises. r/Peloton is now about the exercise bike, instead of a road biking community • r/LivestreamFail is now exclusively a Forsen (popular live streamer) subreddit r/DogeLore has banned the use of Doge r/HistoryMemes is now a Minecraft meme subreddit E r/dogelore - Posted by u/ShinyMew635 Mod cring crig mod 17 hours ago Doge is no longer permitted on this sub Announcement recently it came out on doge's twitter advocating for a "Shiab ethnostate" and being a breed supremacist for these obvious attacks towards the dog community, doge will no longer be Permitted on this sub, please use Paddington instead. https://twitter.com/Real Doge /status/1509208251753185284 https://twitter.com/Real Doge /status/1490457397386752001 https://twitter.com/Real Doge /status/1490457349286469634 90 Comments + Award Share ...

Ricky Berwick

Ricky Berwick, a prominent YouTube comedian who suffers from Beals-Hecht syndrome that limits his movements, tweeted[16] that he's getting in for a leg surgery that will allow him to walk.

SCP Foundation

The front page of the creative writing Wiki SCP Foundation has been "taken over by the FIshing Team," with the design of the page altered to a website about wishing and fish-related SCP entries being featured.[17]

SCP Foundation Search this site Search Fish Rising Sister Sites Community Resources Rules Contact Us WARNING: THE FOUNDATION DATABASE IS 000000 CLASSIFIED D For New Users ACCESS BY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED PERPETRATORS WILL BE TRACKED, LOCATED, AND DETAINED Main Forum News SCP by Series April 1st I| II | III | IV | V| VI | VII INT | EX | J The Fishing Team has taken over the Wiki. As we transition to this new- look for the site, please check out Flounderhouse's take on it here on the Feed Site News! Recent Changes New Forum Posts April 1st New Pages Department-Con's officially ended! Congratulations to the winners, Team Marge is canonically incapable of farting (Uncle Nicolini, UraniumEmpire, and T Rutherford)! Check out the rest of the results here! Shortest | Top Rated Stories Tales Hub March 21 Groups of Interest GoI Formats As the International Branch of the SCP Wiki's contest survey has come to a close, the Site News team has run a story talking to the contest runner as Canon Hub Series Archive well as regular site members of the International Branch. You can check Discovery out the story here! User-Curated Lists Archived News Curated Tale Series Underread & Underrated Artwork Hub Featured SCP Article Tag Search SCP-3531: Skyfood Random by magna2s SCP | Tale | GỌI | Art Random Page Hello, everyone, and welcome to your flight with Kingfisher Airlines! I'll be your pilot. Now that we've successfully taken off, make sure to keep your seat belts unbuckled. Make our jobs a little easier, eh? Featured SCP Archive In other languages


The soft drink brand Sprite announced[22] limited edition McDonald's Sprite, a reference to memes about Sprite served at McDonald's "hitting different."

Sprite @Sprite We finally figured it out. Limited Edition McDonald's Sprite SPICY SPRITE it hits different. McDonald's 9:33 AM · Apr 1, 2022 · Twitter Web App


Social media website Twitter announced[23] that they are working on adding an edit button.

Twitter ... @Twitter we are working on an edit button 1:50 PM · Apr 1, 2022 · Twitter Web App

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