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2018 April Fools' Day

Added 6 years ago by Don • Updated about a year ago by Don
Added 6 years ago by Don • Updated about a year ago by Don

2018 April Fools' Day
2018 April Fools' Day

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On April 1st, 2018, various websites and online services released gag videos, products and features in honor of April Fools’ Day.



The official Google YouTube channel released a video titled "Introducing Bad Joke Detector," highlighting a satirical feature for the application Files Go that would scan jokes saved to a smart phone and remove them to free up space (shown below).

Google Maps

Google Maps enabled a "Where's Waldo" game allowed users to search for Walso while using the Google Maps desktop or mobile application.

Google Israel

Google Israel released a video promoting the satirical "Google Cloud Hummus API" (shown below).

Google Japan

The Google Japan YouTube channel released a fake promotional video for a “physical handwriting version of the GBoard virtual keyboard" (shown below).

Burger King

The fast-food chain Burger King tweeted a video for the fictional "chocolate Whopper," a burger covered in chocolate sauce and served in a chocolate cake bun (shown below).


On April 1st, Reddit updated the hover text for the Reddit logo to display the message "🐍 ssssoon." That day, several Reddit admins posted ASCII art of a snake, a badger and a mushroom.[1] Meanwhile, the /r/sneksnek[4] subreddit was launched, which many Redditors speculated was related to the April Fools' event, causing various subreddits to shut down as part of a "snek blackout."[5]

On April 2nd, an update was made to an /r/aprilfools[2] "Megathread" about the Reddit event, noting that the official Reddit April Fools' prank update was scheduled to launch with the /r/circleoftrust[6] later that day. Shortly after, the /r/circleoftrust subreddit was opened to the public, allowing users to invite others into their "circle of trust" by providing a unique pass phrase. Many speculated that the game was designed to be some sort of non-zero sum game similar to the prisoner's dilemma.


The Amazon Publishing Twitter feed tweeted a video announcing a new service to physically deliver "Your favorite authors to your front door" (shown below).


Netflix published a satirical press release announcing that actor Seth Rogen signed a "lifetime deal" granting the company "full ownership of his personal autonomy."[3]


The Discord YouTube channel uploaded a promotional video for the fake messaging feature to message a random person with the tag "@someone" (shown below).


Snapchat unveiled a filter that places a Facebook-style decoration around a photo along with text displayed with a Cyrillic script font, which many interpreted as a joke mocking reports about the role Facebook played in the Russian Interference in the 2017 Presidential Election.

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Rick and Morty

Adult Swim released a video titled Bushworld Adventures featuring a Rick and Morty parody cartoon by animator Michael Cusack (shown below).

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Comments ( 18 )

  • Nightfury Treann - 6 years ago

  • nabusco - 6 years ago

    Truly the tradition. but this time with a twist.

  • Nightfury Treann - 6 years ago

  • I keep my ideals - 6 years ago

    The best part of this Easter Fools day was MemeX.

    • AL2009man - 6 years ago

      no, that belongs to Toonami.

  • AL2009man - 6 years ago

    no, that belongs to Toonami.

  • Youyou Meme - 6 years ago

    that chocolate wopper though

    i'd consider moving to a country that has Burger King if that drops

  • Starchie - 6 years ago

    Not gonna lie. That chocolate whopper looks tasty.

  • I am AHO Right? - 6 years ago

    The past couple years have been such a joke that even the big companies that normally make something crazy have run out of ideas, lmao.

  • ImYourAverageMemer - 6 years ago

    "Google Maps enabled a 'Where’s Waldo' game allowed users to search for Walso while using the Google Maps desktop or mobile application."


  • Kenetic Kups - 6 years ago

    I swear some pther popular burger chain already made a chocolate one irl

  • Steve - 6 years ago

    much more tame this year, considering aprils fools day was on easter this year.

  • HumbleWaterFilterMerchant - 6 years ago

    I can hear your arteries screaming from here.

  • I keep my ideals - 6 years ago

    Japanese FLCL Season 3.

    Fair enough.

  • Winday, Furries Pirate - 6 years ago

    Reddit game are pretty weak this year. Same go for gaming company which I always have high expectation for.

  • bennett999 - 6 years ago

    The official Pokemon social media accounts got taken over by Team Rocket asking the internet to come up with a new plan to catch pikachu and failed

  • Flygon the Weeb - 6 years ago

    /r/Kirby became a Susie-themed Subreddit for the day…

    there were revolutions with Bandana Waddle Dee and Plugg in less than 3 Hours.

  • Sping4 - 6 years ago

    no talk of the whole tumblcoin thing?

  • HJSDGCE - 6 years ago

    Derpibooru, the main MLP image booru, decided to turn the entire site into a huge communist propaganda and had one of the mods act like Starlight Glimmer, a character in the MLP:FiM series known for her "equality" ideals which mirror real life communism.

    An image booru put more effort than huge companies. Damn, this April Fools was really weak.

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