Artist vs. Normal People

Artist vs. Normal People

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"Artist vs Normal Person" is a chart that depicts the difference between the names of colors between people who are artists and those that are not. It is frequently used to highlight the differences between people with knowledge of a certain subject, and those without said knowledge. People without knowledge are often seen as a Normies by people with this knowledge.


The image was first posted in March 2011 as part of an Inforgraphic Dump from the marketing blog Kissmetrics Blog.[1] There the image was used to show the general different perceptions of color between males and females.

COLOR NAMING: MEN KEEP IT SIMPLE What may be simply “purple" to a man, could be grape, plum or any other fruit-like variant to a woman Maraschino Cayenne Maroon Plum Eggplant Grape Orchid Lavender Carnation Strawberry Bubblegum Magenta Salmon Tangerine Cantaloupe Banana Lemon Honeydew Lime Spring Clover Fern Moss Flora Sea Foam Spindrift Teal Sky Turquoise Red Purple Pink Orange Yellow Green Blue


The first notable derivative of the image was posted on Facebook group page of MOURViSiON on June 25th 2014[2]. The image has the individuals in the original picture swapped and with a caption at the top labeling the male on the left as an "artist" and female on the right as a "normal people". In the three years since it was uploaded, this post gained over 17,000 likes and 28,000 shares.

Maraschino . Artist Cyenne RedNormal People Maroon Plum Eggplant Grape Orchid Lavender Purple Carnation . Strawberry Bubblegum . | Pink Magenta Salmon Tangerine . Cantaloupe . Orange Banana Lemon Honeydew Yellow Lime . Spring . Clover Green Fern Moss Flora . Seam Foam Spindrift . Teal Sky Blue Turquoise ) | MUUR y1310

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