Basement Dad / Josef Fritzl

Basement Dad / Josef Fritzl

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About the Josef Fritzl case

Josef Fritzl became infamous world-wide in April of 2008 when he was arrested for keeping his daughter in a cellar for 24 years, during which he committed a myriad of crimes so horrific that it caught on in tabloids all around the world.
He was charged with and pleaded guilty to crimes of incest, rape, coercion, enslavement and murder.
Over the period that he kept his daughter imprisoned he impregnated her 8 times; resulting in 1 miscarriage and 7 children of incestuous birth, but one of the children died at an early age because of respiratory problems without medical treatment and was cremated on Josef Fritzl's property.

A Prime Example of Trollbait

Due to the horrific nature of these crimes, Fritzl would become a favorite topic of many trolls.

4Chan users began threads involving pictures of Josef Fritzl posing with young girls, and mixed with other memes that had been posted on 4Chan. This inevitably lead to more users looking for pictures of Josef and "Austrian P[a]edophiles" into Google search engines, results responded with this:

The Fritzl troll goes like this:

1. Post pictures of Josef Fritzl with obvious errors such as saying he was from Australia instead of Austria.

2. Wait for the uninitiated to go on an anti-Fritzl rant.

For more information, see Trollface.

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