Wojak variant guy with messy hair wearing a black hoodie

Doomer Boy / E-Boy Wojak

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Doomer Boy, also known as Twinkjak and E-boy Wojak, is a variation of the Wojak meme presented as a young man with disheveled hair and dressed in a black hoodie. Originating from a January 2020 tweet, the character has often been used in Wojak Comics. The character has often been used to portray archetypical femboys, twinks or effeminate men.

On 4chan, the character has been used akin to Drawgirl, being edited to represent a certain nationality or a group of people and used in combination with Yes Chad and other characters to present a sexual dynamic.


On January 31st, 2020, Twitter user[1] @toxic_nugget posted a Wojak edit in which it was given a black hoodie and black, disheveled hair, referring to it as their "wojak sona." The post followed popularization of Doomer Girl memes earlier that month, with the character presumably being inspired by Doomer Girl and Doomer. The tweet received over 60 retweets and 460 likes in ten months (shown below).


Starting in mid-2020, the character gained notable popularity in Wojak Comics, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, often being used to portray femboys or effeminate men. In June 2020, an image macro captioned "If you look like this, DM me immediately" became viral on Twitter.

maddi 000 @collarplay boys what is stopping you from looking like this 5:00 PM · Jul 14, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone IF YOU LOOK LIKE THIS DMMEIMMEDIATELY Hey bro, mind if I pat your head for a moment? Go ahead. Be sure to get my ears too.

4chan Popularity

On September 12th, 2020, an anonymous 4chan user posted an edit in which the character was given a Swedish flag hoodie and blond hair to /int/ board, responding to a mocking post about users posting about Nordic superiority (shown below).[2]

Following the post, the image gained popularity as an exploitable, with users fashioning the character after various countries and groups of people, usually with the purpose of mocking them. On September 26, 2020, a Twinkjak modelled after the character Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on Ice (shown below) was posted in an /int/ thread.[3] On 4chan, the image replaced the original drawing by @toxic_nugget as the template for the meme.[4]


If You Look Like This, DM Me Immediately

If You Look Like This, DM Me is a popular copypasta used primarily on Twitter to proclaim admiration for another person or fictional character's appearance.

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