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Bnuuy is an intentional misspelling of "Bunny" that has been used to comment on humorous pictures of rabbits since a viral photo showing a person replying "bnuuy" to a picture of rabbits spread online in the summer of 2020.


On May 29th, 2020, a Redditor posted to /r/skamteboard[2] a doctored image of a text message with PetSmart in which they sent a picture of a wild rabbit and PetSmart replied "Bnuuy." The post gained over 3,200 points (shown below).

Thank you for contacting PetSmart customer support! My name is Todd, how can I help you? (Message and data rates may apply.) I found this little guy outside alone and I was wondering if this type of rabbit is safe to keep as a domesticated pet indoors Read 7:46 PM bnuuy


On June 6th, 2020, Redditor Overson_YT reposted the image to /r/ihadastroke,[1] gaining over 12,000 points. Over the following year, the word "bnuuy" began appearing in reference to rabbits online. On July 16th, 2020, Twitter user @ozwuv[3] posted a picture of an exchange they had where a user posted "hands u a bnuuy," gaining over 40 retweets and 140 likes (shown below, left). On June 9th, a Redditor posted a drawing of a rabbit to /r/touhou[4] with the title "Cute Bnuuy," gaining over 230 points (shown below, right).

oli @ 8 days @oz... · 44m oz... Sunny On the World Wide W... 2d hands u a bnuuy ili 8 days oli @ its the same picture @oz... · 43m v 8 ili Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago E cute bnuuy 237 Found Fanart

Various Examples

Bnuuy Always has been Wait, it's all buny ? MY SHELTERED ASS BUTTERFLY BNUUY FUKCIGN today's catboys BNNUY teens F------ @itsalexanderjt BNU naku !! @miskeeping Jul 27, 2020 ... here 1 27 1 chris ... @chris12902 Replying to @miskeeping bnuuy! bnuuy! bnuuy! Translate Tweet LO

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