Captain America: Civil War 4 Pane / Captain America vs Iron Man

Captain America: Civil War 4 Pane / Captain America vs Iron Man

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Captain America: Civil War 4-Pane (also known as Captain America vs Iron Man) is a series of vertical multi-pane image macros based on an exploitable photo set from the 2012 Marvel superhero film The Avengers illustrating a deadlocked conversation between two people at odds, usually over fandom rivalries.


On October 28th, 2014, Marvel producer Kevin Feige announced Captain America 3: Serpent Society during the studio's cinematic keynote at San Diego Comic Con.[1] After teasing the audience with the announcement, Feige revealed that the actual title of the film, Captain America: Civil War, and brought out actors Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) to quarrel in their characters as a live teaser for the film (shown at 21:00 below).

In January 2015, as the hype train for the film began to build up momentum, the four-panel comic was created from a quarrel scene between Captain America and Iron Man in the original Avengers movie (shown below).


The first instances of the comic surfaced on Tumblr and 4chan around January 15th, 2015.[10][11][12] In the following days, the comics made their way over to other social media sharing platforms, as well as fandom culture blogs and news sites like Smosh[2], International Business Times[3] and Uproxx[5], and Hypable.[4] On January 16th, 2015, an instance of the series submitted to Memecenter[7] gained more than 300 comments, many of which contained remixes of the OP's submission as well.

Notable Examples

PLEASE TELL ME NOBODY KISSED ME IDID MARVA CAPTAIN AMERICA MAY 6, 2016 Super Sentai Kamen Rider MARVEL CAPTAIN AMERICA MAY 6, 2016 benedict cumberbatch is the best sherlock holmes MARVEL CAPTAIN AMERICA MAY 6, 2016
BLUEBERRY? NO. MARVEL CAPTAIN AMERICA MAY 6, 2016 'NSYNC was better than the Backstreet Boys MARVEL CAPTAIN AMERICA MAY 6, 2口16 Who die made yo Perfect d ano our dad MAY 6, 2O16 MARVEL Com

Planet Hulk Derivative

On January 18th, 2015, a thread[8] was posted on 4chan's /co/ board asking for examples of the comic. During the thread, a new template was introduced that featured the Hulk saying an unpopular opinion, as to which the avengers will look at him in a condescending manner, which would then be followed by a title card for Planet Hulk (another marvel comic storyline in which the Hulk gets exiled from earth).

The Star Wars prequels are better than the originals.


MAY 6, 2016

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