Cats Wanting Fruit Loops

Cats Wanting Fruit Loops

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Cats Wanting Fruit Loops refer to images showing cats seemingly yearning for bowls of the breakfast cereal Fruit Loops. Variations on the concept began growing popular on Twitter in July of 2018.


On August 7th, 2017, Imgur user hugmind[1] posted an image of a cat sitting on its hind legs, appearing to be begging for a bowl of Fruit Loops (shown below).


The image was later used in Brother, May I Have Some Oats? variations. An edit appeared on Imgur [2]from user WeylandNZ on August 28th (shown below, left). Another edit more closely following the "Brother May I Have Some Oats?" template later appeared on Starecat.[3]

fäther may i have some cheeriös bröther may i have some lööps STARECAT.COM

The image and variations on the concept began surging in July of 2018. On the 8th, Twitter user @HeckinCades posted a Slaps Roof of Car variation that gained over 670 retweets and 1,700 likes (shown below, left). A photoshopped variation inserting the cat into a shot of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild tweeted by @TightEndTeen gained over 3,400 retweets and 9,400 likes (shown below, right).

*slaps tummy* it fit many lööp, brøther when will the LOOPS be ready, brother?

Death Rumor

On September 26th, 2019, Imgur user hugmind, who posted the original image and claims to have been friends with the owner of the cat, made a post in which they announced that the cat has passed at the age of nine, with the post accumulating over 125,100 views in one day.[4] According to hugmind, the cat died from heart disease.[5] The Imgur posts were subsequently deleted.

My only achievement by hugmind via Android Next Post 19 hr In 2017, I shared this photo with Imgur. I'm here to say Lööps has left us. Who knew a picture would become so special. Also, Lööps was a Canadian, and a girl. My friend cried all day. I'm happy to have posted you sister. ( 2010-2019

In the hours following the announcement, numerous memes honoring the memory of the cat were posted online on Reddit (examples shown below).


Tayler Marchment Post

On September 28th, Facebook user Tayler Marchment published several posts claiming that the cat was her "mom's boyfriends cat" named Tank and that she was still alive. Shortly after, Marchment posted a screenshot of the original loops picture posted on Instagram the same day it had gone viral on Imgur (shown below, right).

Tayler Marchment 2 hrs Tank is my moms boyfriends cat. He got her as a kitten and worked night shifts so he'd give her a bunch of food and of course she ate it. She gained a bunch of weight and couldnt even clean herself anymore. You can notice theres literal 6 inch dreads wrapped around her neck. She has mattes the size of my fist, rock solid, on her back Im not bashing anyone. I just want this to be known TAKE CARE OF YOUR LONG HAIRED/C----- BABIES!!! All these pics have been going viral since the fruitloop cat' and all i can think is no one knows the truth Truth is, alot of your c----- cats are unheaithy and need help to live a long healthy life. Tank is 10 i think and could live sooo much longer. Thankfully my mom and her boyfriend are doing alot for her now and shes losing weight. So yes Tank is alive and welligetting better EDIT* i dont ever see tank anymore.. I moved out a long time ago actually and now live across the country.. Or heck ya she'd have an insta for her progress and cuteness Active 3 minutes.. Can u take a pic of her people are losing it and want proof shes alive xD 5:08 PM Tayler Marchment 1 hr Heres proof the pic is originally mine. It went viral months after I posted it Plz dont add my fb or instagram please. I have my babygirl on there and idk if you're a creep or not NT 14% 6:42 PM Q V Liked by tay.flor and others baabyghooul I AM CRYING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CAN I JUST SAY THIS PIC WENTVIRAL FUCKYALL View all 7 comments meat circus lol Leo told me he knew the loops cat and now I know he's a truther OD 22 9 Comments 8 Shares

Various Examples

Akendolfr @Akendolfr Follow HE WANT LOOPS given ENOUGH COFFEE Dreamweaver @dreamweaverSSE Follow øaPs lööp delicious Finally, some good f------ food brøether may i have the lööps markv5 "У меня просто кость пушистая. Дай колечки" delthefunkyhomosexual Detect languge x "У меня просто кость пушистая. Да капечки" "I just have a fluffy bones. Give ringlets ".

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